Do you require Customize T shirts for your events? Have you searched with online stores?

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Do you have the needs of Customize T shirts for your company events, sports competition or for schools? Are you searching for the companies to carry out customization? No need of worries as there are various scopes of Customize T shirts in online. You need to send the logo with text online. So, nowadays online customization is very popular to meet the various needs of customization. 

You can fulfill your needs and can Customize T shirts online. So, you relax and send your text for logo and other details for customization of T shirts.

How to achieve personalized T shirts

You can dream of your personalized T shirts online by adding logo and text and send online. The stores will create the required features on T shirts at minimum cost and send you at your home address. In the first step, you customize only one piece and check whether the requirement is fulfilled. The online stores carrying out the customization are experienced for many years in this field. So, the customers should not be scared for approach for the customization of T shirts online.

Affordable rates for customization of T shirts

You can buy T shirts by designing your logo on your own. The cost involvement of customization of T shirt online is affordable.  Free shipping can be offered. COD option may be valid. Customization is possible with custom ink. This makes the printing on the custom T shirts. You can create custom T shirts at cheaper or premium rates. No need of doing tension and just relax. You will fulfill your desired custom T shirts at ease with online stores. It is really comfortable to Customize T shirts India.

Probable software for designing Customize T shirts 

There are various programs by which Customize T shirts can be achieved. Adobe illustrator, adobe Photoshop is the most comfortable programs liked by the graphic designers. CorelDraw, Inkscape are the   other software to design the Customize T shirts.

Execution of bulk order for Customize T shirts

The steps to proceed with Customize T shirts is to select the type T shirts, you need to customize. Then you may select the design from the wide range of given drawings. On the other hand, you may design your own logo to Customize T shirts. You may send all the details of customization to your selected online stores. You may select printed T shirts, sports T shirts, Adidas T shirts for customization. People can also avail bulk Customize T shirts online at best suitable price. The online stores will offer wide range of T shirts for customization. You can get quotation for Customize T shirts on bulk order. The online stores are equipped with bulk order with in-house facilities of digital printing, vinyl printing, and screen printing equipments.

Different printing technologies

There are various methods of printing of Customize T shirts .The screen printing is one of the best methods of Customize T shirts. The other methods are vinyl heat transfer, dye sublimation, heat pressing. Plastisol ink is the best choice of the professional printers of Customize T shirts. This in is frequently used by printers due to its versatile nature and durability. In rubber printing, crack method is obtained to look the printing attractive. Here rubber is used as printing paste. Another crack paste is used after application of rubber.

Dye sublimation process for printing

Screen printing is the most common method of T shirt printing. With this method, high quality Customize T shirts printing are possible. This procedure can give assurance of the perfect replication of the original designs. Dye sublimation is the printing process and can be adopted in case of light T shirts. For customization, the printing technology is essential. The adoption of correct printing option will be fruitful for maintaining the quality. Dye sublimation is the process of printing technology where in penetrates the surface of the substrate. Some manmade materials like nylon, polyester fabrics or plastics create boding with ink due to the presence of polymers. These polymers when heated are ready to create bonding with ink.

Vinyl heat transfer method of printing technology

This method implies the direct application of heat. In this process, a machine is used to cut letters with designs by colored vinyl. Then heat press method is applied o transfer the design with colors on the T shirts. In this way customization of T shirts is carried out in this process of technology. This process depends on the combination heat and pressure.

Heat press vs. screen printing

With Heat press method, special ink with advanced graphics software package is utilized. In this way, the process becomes smoother and easier with much options of flexibility. On the contrary, in screen printing, one color may be used while in Heat press multiple colors may be applied.     

Proper approach for Customize T shirts

Printing is usually done on the piece of cloth to make it exclusive and attractive. Customize T shirts can be made by following the art of the stores or as per design sent by the customers. There are lists of designs offered by the owners of stores. People can select any one from the list .On the other way; design may be created by the customers. For events in schools, colleges or corporate, Customize T shirts of same logo may be required. Customers can follow their own logo to distinguish from the crowd.  So, the buyers have to place bulk order on online stores.


If you intend to organize any event in your school, College or corporate, you will need some customized T shirts in bulk. You may seek the help from online stores and they will guide you how to get the customization. You have to select the type and material of T shirts.  You need to send the design with text message to the stores and you will get the quotation. There are various types of printing technology in advanced technological days. So, you may get the customized T shirts easily with online stores.  





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