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Nowadays, the decision on the size of family you want depends on you.  Chesapeake birth control methods have brought you the convenience to plan your family with an option that best suits you. Among the wide range of control birth methods, the specialists will help you choose an option that suits you. This way, you will build a family of your own and at your own convenient time.

What kind of birth control options are available?

Some of the options offered include:

·       Birth control pill

In this method, you will be taking oral contraceptives daily to prevent pregnancy. However, if you miss taking the doses as prescribed, you will be decreasing the effectiveness of the pills and thus might become pregnant.

·       Birth control patch

A birth control patch is worn for three weeks straight with only one week off. After the one week off, you start another patch, and the cycle continues.

·       Vaginal ring

In the case of a vaginal ring, you wear one ring for three weeks, and then you take it off for a week. You then have your period before you start a new ring.

·       Birth control injection

Birth control injections are taken every three months. It works by stopping ovulation and thus preventing pregnancy.

·       Birth control implant

In this method, the specialist will place a birth control implant on your upper arm. It will prevent you from pregnancy for up to three years.

·       Intrauterine devices (IUD)

The specialist will put an IUD in your uterus, and you will have prevented pregnancy for a more extended period. They are of two types: Hormone IUD, which prevents pregnancy for 3-5 years, and copper IUD, which prevents pregnancy for up to 20 years. This method is recommended for other reasons, such as reducing heavy, painful, and long periods.

Whichever method you will choose, you have to be consistent to achieve maximum results. If these birth control methods are appropriately used, there will be high chances of their effectiveness in pregnancy prevention. However, if you find consistency overwhelming, the specialist might recommend methods such as IUD and implants, which do not require replacement for years.

What if you want to get pregnant?

If you want to conceive, the specialist will safely determine the stopping of your current birth control. Each method takes a different period for you to conceive, but primarily, women conceive within a year after they stop using the birth control methods. Therefore, if conceiving troubles you after you stop using birth control, the option given improves your odds of pregnancy.

Do you need birth control after NovaSure?

NovaSure, also known as endometrial ablation, is a treatment involving the removal of your uterine lining by a procedure called state-of-the-art. This procedure is performed if you are suffering from prolonged periods, heavy periods, or both, and it helps reduce or even completely stop your periods. This method is recommended for women who do not plan to have children or have finished building their families.

The chances of getting pregnant after NovaSure are minimal and are not intended to be used as a birth control method. However, becoming pregnant after this procedure is dangerous, but the specialist will help you find birth control that suits you for the long term.

In conclusion, if you want personalized birth control advice, do not hesitate to call Women First GYN or book an appointment with them online.

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