Four Mistakes HOA Board can Make When Managing their Association

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Managing an HOA board takes a lot of energy and patience. You need to take care of a lot of legal requirements, community communications, and administrative tasks. Unless your HOA has its own paid, full-time staff, board members are left to manage these tasks on top of their regular jobs. As result, things can easily get overlooked. HOAs that choose to manage their associations on their own tend to commit several mistakes which they could have prevented if they hand over tasks to phoenix hoa management companies. These mistakes include the following:

Not Following HOA Rules

Some board members may not be familiar with HOA rules and regulations. They might have violated some HOA rules. Sometimes, they may file things incorrectly because they don’t understand the rules. Residents won’t take these mistakes lightly. In fact, these may even lead to legal issues because violation of the rules may mean non-compliant with regulations. 

Moreover, when HOA rules are not followed, residents won’t be notified of new rules that they need to abide by themselves. Conflicts and disputes will arise, resulting in a chaotic community. 

Failing to Keep the Communication Line Open

When running an HOA board, managers must be open to communication. Different stakeholders must be communicated with regularly including condominium owners, community members, vendors, and board members. Regular communication prevents confusion among stakeholders regarding what to expect. 

Picking the Wrong Vendors

HOA managers should hire the right vendors to take care of community maintenance. These vendors include electricians, landscapers, repair services, and plumbers. When the board tries to manage the HOA on their own, they may not take their time researching and vetting the right vendor for their community. They will not request quotes and details of covered services, possibly costing the HOA more money than it has to. The right service provider will ensure the smooth operation of the community and the satisfaction of residents. And a professional HOA manager has links to many reputable providers in different industries. 

Not Being Organized

HOA boards must consider their responsibilities seriously, taking advantage of systems to manage the required files they must keep. Unfortunately, because some board members are just volunteers who also have responsibilities beyond the association, they may not prioritize having a proper document management system in place, leading to disorganization. Because of this common mistake, board members will have difficulty finding what they need when they need it. During board audits, handing over the right paperwork to auditors become a challenge. 

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