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To understand how you can estimate how much a Translation Services in Dubai will cost, you need to know some concepts such as page and character.

At some point in your life, you may need a translation for a variety of reasons.

You may need to have access to a scientific article during college, but it is only available in a language that you do not speak. Or, perhaps you are preparing to work abroad and need to provide a certified translation of some documents.

In addition, you may have a business agreement with a foreign company and need to translate the contract for it to be valid in Dubai.

There are many situations in which a translation may be necessary and, if you are not able to do it, especially in the case of certified translation, you will need to turn to a translator specialized in the languages ​​involved in this process. This service, of course, will have a cost, as it is a job done by a professional translation company.

In general, the translation is not done per page, as there can be a great variation in the amount of text to be translated depending on the size of the font used, the number of illustrations, the width of the margins, the size of the spacing etc. For this reason, it is customary to adopt other measures, such as charging for characters, words or pages .

In addition, it is important to consider that the version (when translating from Portuguese into other languages) is generally more expensive than the translation (foreign language to Portuguese).

To get an idea of how much your translation service costs , check out our tips on how translation budgets are calculated and make an estimate for your document.

Charging by character

Some translators choose to charge depending on the number of characters in the document, considering them with or without spaces.

This method is most recommended for digital documents, when the number of characters can be easily obtained in software such as Microsoft Word (“Review” tab, “Count Words” option) or with the help of online counters.

Collection by page

As the amount charged per character would be equivalent to fractions of cents, this method is not widely used on its own, but it gives rise to another type of calculation: charging by page, which is different from the page.

The “ page”Is a term originated in the printed newspapers and corresponds to a column of the publication. Today, due to the advent of online reading and digital newspapers, the term is no longer used in this sense and has come to correspond to a page typed by a translator with a certain number of lines or characters.

In general, a literary translation page has 30 lines with 70 characters each, which is equivalent to about 2,100 characters (including spaces). A certified translation page, in turn, usually has 25 lines with 50 characters each, equivalent to approximately 1,250 characters (also including spaces).

Thus, every 2,100 or 1,250 characters, depending on the nature of your translation, you will be charged a certain amount, which should be consulted with the translator or translation company. The number of characters on the page may vary from translator to translator.

To calculate, just find the number of characters in your document (in Microsoft Word, go to the “Review” menu and click on “Count Words”) and divide by the number of characters in the page, obtaining the number of pages in the document. Then, the number of pages should be multiplied by the value of each one.

The advantage of using the page instead of the page as the basis for the calculation is that it can eliminate elements that could distort the actual amount of text to be translated, such as images, large fonts or white spaces. These elements could make translation unnecessary if it was charged per page.

Charging by words

Another way to calculate a translation budget is to charge for words . This method works in a similar way to the previous ones: you need to know how many words are in your document (in Microsoft Word, go to the “Review” menu and click “Count Words”) and multiply that number by the value of each one.

Some translators may charge you every 100 or 200 words, for example, but the idea of ​​the calculation will be the same.

Certified translation budget

Prices and the method of calculating the certified translation (or version) are fixed and defined by the commercial board of each state. Thus, all translators registered at the same commercial board must follow the same price list, with no difference in charges between them.

If the customer wants to do a search, he / she should seek the commercial board of another state to verify the amounts charged.

The commercial boards may stipulate prices for certain documents, such as passports, civil certificates, identity cards, etc., which will be different from the amounts charged for special texts, involving technical, scientific, financial, legal language, etc.

Important: the final value of the certified translation is calculated based on the final document, so the translator can only provide an estimate based on the original to be translated.

Other factors to consider when translating values

The values ​​shown for the different ways of charging a translation may increase depending on some conditions. The urgency in delivering a translation, for example, can lead to an increase of 20% to 50% in the value of the translation done within the normal timeframe.

In addition, the charge may also vary according to the language of origin or destination of the translation, becoming more expensive if it is a more “rare” language.

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