Tracking Visa Vanilla Gift card balance


The Vanilla Visa gift card is a simple and effective prepaid visa card, value of which depends on the user’s amount denomination. This card can be used for online merchandise, mobile purchase or for purchase through the mail. This card serves similar purpose as money and can be used in all places where Visa Debit cards and Master Debit cards can be used. This cards are issued and can be used without opening bank account. Vanilla eGift Visa Virtual Accounts are issued The Bancrop Bank. The gift card can be used all over the place wherever visa debits cards are accepted in the United States and Columbia. Visa cards are distributed by Incomm Financial Services Inc, which is authorized as a Genuine Money provider by the NewYork State Bureau of Financial Services.

How to purchase

This gift card can be purchased and activated from any one of the retailers listed in the service providers website

Value of the card

The cash available in the card is pre-fixed by the user during purchase. As the finance available in the card is prefixed, the user can control and track their spending.

While purchasing more than the value of  card, the user can  use a secondary mode of payment along with the gift card.

Working on this card is similar to that of a debit card or master card and so the user has to follow the same procedure as online shopping.


For payment using this card, it is not mandatory to enter PIN number on the sales terminal after swiping the card.

This card can be used internationally wherever the visa cards are accepted. For overseas transactions, a 3% service charge will be applicable.

There are no additional charges for payment made through these gift cards. The personal information of the user is not fundamental for using this gift card.

For availing online and telephone transactions the user have to register with their personal information’s in the official website.

Money cannot be withdrawn from this card in any form and the balance available in the card cannot be transferred to another card.

Checking Balance

The visa vanilla gift card balance should be tracked regularly as the user have to ensure that the card has sufficient fund to make the purchase.

Also the user have to check balance in order to ensure there is sufficient fund available in the card for paying incidental expenses if any.

For purchasing products for a value greater than the value of the card, the user has to use a secondary mode of payment. So it’s always better to confirm that the retailer accepts secondary mode of payment and split billing.

The Fund available in the card can be tracked and monitored by availing the Toll-free service of the Issuer.

Also user can visit the issuer’s web page to check the cards balance. For checking the balance online, the user has to login by entering the card number, validity date, and security code available in the rear side of the card


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