How Often Should You Actually Cut Your Hair?


There is a lot of debate on how frequently one needs to go for a haircut, but the honest answer to that lies in the neighboring factors of haircuts, hair type, hair length, hair goals and hair styles. For the sake of clarity, let’s cover the bigger question in relation to the associating subset of factors that play a fiddle in it. 

Frequency of Haircuts for Virgin Hair

For a young person whose hair is still virgin, the ideal frequency is 12 weeks or 3 months. If you ask why it’s a definite 12 weeks and no longer or shorter, it’s because that’s the time it takes unprocessed healthy hair to grow out. You can go up to longer than the said 3 months before having a haircut, but not without running the risk of looking disheveled. For young people, the hair growth rate is the fastest, which makes it important to keep trimming it from time to time.

By Hair Types

And now, to hit the nail in the head, how often does a certain hair type need a haircut. For tight thick curls with short hair cuts for women, its 6 to 8 weeks, for straight long hair, its 8 to 12 weeks and for fine hair with or without medium curls, its 6 to 12 weeks. 

How Frequently Should You Trim Your Hair When Growing It?

The answer to this is variable. Depending on one’s speed of hair growth, this should be anywhere between ten and twelve weeks. The goal should be to lose about half an inch every twelve weeks or so to keep the ends from splitiing. 

One question often asked in connection to this is if trimming from time to time will help hair grow faster. The answer is no. A biotin hair loss shampoo may help with that. The sole purpose of keeping growing hair trimmed timely is to make sure that ends do not split up and resultantly look scraggly and unhealthy. Untrimmed ends also trend to grow thin and light giving the hair an undesirable shape. Applying the best biotin conditioner will help preserve the shape for longer. 

How Can You Tell If You Need a Haircut?

There are signs of course that your hair gives out from time to time indicating that it needs a bit of reshaping and resizing.

  • Split ends for one is a loud enough sign that you need to get the ends chopped off . Although ideally you shouldn’t wait till split ends to show up, you know you definitely need a haircut when you see the first ones coming out. 
  • You know you need a haircut when your hair starts to look out of shape. When the hair tips start to go willy and unruly turning every which way or when the hair starts to fall limp, it’s time to call your hairdresser.
  • Look out for dry ends for those are signs too. When hair strands get too long, they receive less moisture from the roots and therefore look increasingly dry and dull. When you see that, it’s time to take a haircut appointment. 

Timely hair cuts in conjunction with using biotin spray result in longer and thicker hair. 

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