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Currently, 3.12 million Singaporeans use the internet to search for products, and that number is expected to increase by 2021. This means, for businesses, having an online process is more necessity than a luxury. If you’re a business owner and you want to make an online debut, or want to give your current website a revamp, then it’s time to enlist website design services in Singapore.

People develop first impressions about your business from your website, and the better its appearance, the more likely it is to spark a relationship with potential customers. With that, budgeting for your website design process is the first step towards an engaging, lively online presence.

Why You Need To Budget for a Website Design Project

It’s important to budget for website design to avoid likely scenarios which may render the whole effort unproductive. Failing to budget for a web design process may lead to:

  • The design services costing more than anticipated, causing crucial post-design marketing activities to be delayed or scrapped altogether
  • The design process having less functionality than desired, making it a waste of resources
  • Your website design being a compromise on quality – for instance, a faulty backend coding, being user-unfriendly, having slow speed, poor navigation etc.

Steps for Budgeting for Website Design Services

Budgeting for your design process doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. The key is to decide the goals for your business and how you want your website to help contribute to them.

Determine What Type of Website You Need

A website may be either a simple storefront, an e-commerce design or a complex design. A storefront design displays a portfolio of all your products. An e-commerce website is suitable for businesses that are looking to sell products or services online.

If on the other hand, you’d like your website to have features like logins, user dashboards or extra layers of security, you’ll need a complex design. A storefront design is the least expensive, followed by an e-commerce virtual employee monitoring software  website. A complex design is the most expensive.

Come Up With Design Specifications

Consider how much customization you’d like. Would you like a do-it-yourself design process with additional professional help, or would you like an expert to take charge from the ground up? Do you have photos for your website or you’ll need new ones taken? Also, consider if you need videos for your site.

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Choose a Domain Name

Your domain is where people will find you in the vast world of the internet. While there are free domains available, they will look less official. Some domains are more expensive than others. Common domains, e.g.,, are more costly than a unique name that has not been taken by another organization.

Determine Hosting Fees

Web hosting is the service that allows you to operate a website on the internet. Web hosting and a domain name go hand in hand. On average, it will cost you between $200 and $500 annually.

Choose a Template

There are three options for creating a web template: a free one, a purchased one or building one from scratch. Usually, a purchased one has more flexibility for design. There’s a wide range of difference in template prices. A storefront design will require the least amount for a template, while a complex design will cost the most.

Determine the Pay for Regular Maintenance and Updates

Keeping your website design on top performance will require regular paying for maintenance and updates. Issues such as virus attacks, outdated add-ons, plugins, and extensions necessitate your regular attention. It’s essential to update your plugins and extensions regularly so they can keep up with evolving technology and enable your website to offer optimal functionality to users.

Remember, how your website design will serve your business purposes should be the overarching consideration in the design process. A great website design is one that aligns with your overall business strategy. Though it requires you to invest your time and money, it offers you much more in return. Do you need to create a budget for your website design project? Following these simple guidelines will get you on the right path.


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