How To Choose Cabinet Hardware

Knowing how to select cabinet hardware that works best for your area is a vital part of any home renovation. If you don’t know what you’re doing, selecting cabinet hardware can be time-consuming and anxiety-provoking. Choosing cabinet hardware for your brand-new kitchen cabinets can seem overwhelming because there are many options. 

However, people frequently don’t give cabinet hardware much thought when they’re first planning their kitchen or bathroom makeover. Cabinet hardware is a feature that is frequently disregarded, yet even something as straightforward as changing the hardware on an old bathroom vanity may have a significant impact.

Thoughts of worry are unnecessary. We’re here to provide you with all the information required to make a functional and visually acceptable choice for cabinet hardware.

  1. Type Of Hardware 

Choosing knobs, pulls, or a combination of the two is the initial step in selecting hardware. But before we go any farther, let’s quickly explain the distinction between knobs and pulls. 

Knobs: Knobs have a narrower diameter. They often have a circular or square shape, and they can be mounted to the surface with just one screw. 

Pulls: Due to their higher surface area, pulls are more oversized and more comfortable to hold. They need extra measuring because at least two screws are used to secure them to the cabinetry.

There are no strict guidelines to abide by when picking between knobs and pulls. You can select either all pulls or all knobs. Additionally, you have the option of selecting drawer pulls and door knobs.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that you will be using the gear regularly, so make sure it is practical and pleasant to the touch.

Make sure you get your cabinet hardware from the best cabinet hardware manufacturer. 


  1. Style Of Hardware

You must decide on the type of hardware you want after deciding if you want pulls, knobs, or a combination of the two. Knobs and pulls are now offered in an overwhelming variety of options; the difficulty is knowing which one to pick. 

Although pulls are considered more contemporary, and knobs are often recognized as a more conventional alternative, there are additional stylistic options within each category.

A knob with rounded edges is significantly less likely to scratch than one with square or pointed edges. In the area of contemporary cabinetry, pulls come in an equal variety. 

Standard pulls have a flattened “U” form for people to rest their fingers beneath.

Styles of hardware should also depend on your furniture style. If you have gotten chairs from velvet chair suppliers, you should choose the hardware accordingly. 

  1. Material Of Hardware

There are several types of materials used to make cabinet hardware, most of which are metal alloys. Brass hardware is highly durable because the surface is frequently lacquered or plated. 

Since it is antibacterial, it aids in preventing the spread of germs. Additionally, antimicrobial bronze hardware has a substantial appearance and goes nicely with solid wood cabinets. 

Stainless steel is also an option and is incredibly durable and simple to maintain. Alternatively, you may use nickel or pewter, two other widely used metals. For a vintage look, use ceramic, glass, or crystal knobs. No matter which solutions you pick, ensure they work well with the neighboring materials.

  1. Functionality Of Hardware

Hardware’s primary purpose is to make it possible for you to open doors, drawers, and cabinets. This is a task that you’ll perform several times in your house each day. In order to ensure that the gear you are considering is good in your hands, be sure to touch and feel it fully. The level of use of hardware is just as significant as its appearance. In other words, appearance is equally as significant as feeling.

To increase the cabinet’s functionality, consider installing LED lights in your cabinets to increase visibility. Get your lights from a company that deals with all types of LED lights, such as residential LED downlights.    

  1. Size Of Hardware

Consider proportion, balance, aesthetics, and utility when deciding the size of a knob or pull for your cabinets. A big piece of hardware is needed for a bigger cabinet door or drawer to function correctly. Smaller drawers or doors are best suited for knobs or pull that are smaller. 

The length of the cabinet drawer should be around one-third of the pull’s length, according to a general rule for traditional or transitional design pulls. If the drawer is broader than 18 inches, more than one pull or knob may be needed. In more modern designs, long pulls at least two-thirds as long as the drawer or cabinet door is necessary. For doors and drawers, pulls are typically positioned vertically.


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The selection of cabinet hardware is not subject to any strict guidelines, as we have already stated. Personal preference ultimately determines everything. To ensure that you choose wisely, it’s crucial to conduct research, examine finishes, and test out samples. Even though cabinet hardware might not seem like much, taking the time and care to choose it will pay off with a room that you’ve lovingly designed.

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