How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen interior design should have all the essential elements to ensure that you can prepare meals for the entire family conveniently. However, people do not put much thought into buying the kitchen sink. This can cause a lot of problems while cooking meals and cleaning the dishes. Without a proper kitchen sink, you will not be able to perform a lot of your kitchen chores.

Kitchen sinks are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, colours, and materials. Also, different types of kitchen sinks have different installation processes. Before selecting your kitchen sink, you need to understand your needs. Once you know what your usage will be, you will have better clarity about the type of kitchen sink required. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to find the perfect kitchen sink:

01 of 05 Stay aware of the various types of kitchen sinks

If you are not aware of the various types of kitchen sinks available in the market, you cannot choose the type of sink you want. The first thing you need to decide is if you want a single, large rectangular basin or a double-bowled sink that has the same bowl size for rinsing and hand-washing. There are other options as well like a double-bowled sink with a smaller bowl for accommodating the garbage disposer or a three-bowl sink if you need two bowls and a garbage disposer. Once you understand what you need, you can make better decisions.

02 of 05 Determine the space available in your kitchen

The type of kitchen sink required hugely depends on the size of your kitchen design. Avoid a large sink if your kitchen is small and cannot accommodate one conveniently. You have to install a lot of other appliances in the kitchen and hence, it is crucial to use space efficiently. There are various types of kitchen sinks that can be used in small kitchen designs as well. Similarly, you should not opt for a very small sink if you have a large kitchen interior design. If the size of your kitchen design is large, you can consider installing larger kitchen sinks with a garbage disposer.

03 of 05 The kitchen sink material

There are various types of materials used by manufacturers for making kitchen sinks. These can range from stainless steel, quartz composite to colorful enamel on cast iron and solid surfacing. For contemporary kitchen interior designs, the stainless ones are a great option as they are stain-resistant and have a sleek look. Many people prefer enamel cast-iron sinks as they are very durable. However, they require very sturdy countertops to support them because of the heavyweight. Solid-surfacing sinks have a contemporary appeal and seamlessly blend into the adjacent solid surface countertop but have to be installed by an expert. Quartz composite sinks resemble a granite look and are resistant to scratches and stains.

04 of 05 Choose a shape

Kitchen sinks are available in various shapes in the market. From circular to kidney-shaped, you can choose any shape. The most commonly used kitchen sink shape in households is a rectangular sink. You need to consider a few factors before choosing the sink shape. Besides the shape of the kitchen, the kitchen interior design determines the shape of the kitchen sink. While choosing the sink shape, make sure that it complements the other elements in the kitchen interior design. Also, you need to consider the function and usage of the kitchen sink.

05 of 05 The sink size

You need to know the size of the sink that will fit in your kitchen interior design. If you buy one that is too large or small, it will not fit properly on your counter. First, take measurements of the area where the sink will be installed. Experts always suggest taking the measurements from left to right. Also, ensure that you are measuring from outside edge to outside edge. 2-3 inches should be allowed on both sides so that the sink can be mounted on the counter. Taking the right measurements is very essential.

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