Hysterosalpingogram (Hsg)-How to Prepare, What to Expect, and What the Results Mean?

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If you are a suffering from infertility disorder then you can opt to get Hysterosalpingogram or HSG testing. Yet while doing HSG testing in Arizona this you should know how to prepare, what to expect and what the results mean after such tests. If you approach an infertility treatment surgeon or expert then he may do some basic tests and diagnosis related to your blood. Yet all these surgeons give the first preference to Hysterosalpingogram or HSG testing. You might need to wait for some days when you get done other tests to check the fertility level. However HSG test is the one with which you can get quick results. You can get these tests at a low cost at Az fertility treatment center

What is the major feature of HSG test?

Hysterosalpingogram is one of the fastest infertility tests that are done to see if there is any kind of blockages even in the fallopian tube of females. It will also show the abnormalities present in the uterus of women. The test of HSG is generally done at a local surgery center, clinic or hospital. Today this test has become a very common fertility test thus nearly all hospitals and clinics have the required equipments to do this test. When we talk more about HSG test then we will see that it takes just 15 minutes to get completed and predict the results. 

How is HSG test done?

When you get done HSG test you have to lie on your back on a table. You will also have to raise your legs in the upper position. The doctor will give you a contrast injection through the cervix and this medicine will reach into your uterus. He may also take an X-ray test of this area in your body.  The contrast dye will overspread all over your uterus and will show the defects and abnormalities in your fallopian tube or entire reproductive system. When the doctor gets the results of HSG test then he explains his patient about what is wrong with his reproductive system due to which he is not able to procreate. 

How do women feel during HSG fertility tests?

It may be possible that during HSG testing you may feel a little bit weary and discomfortable. Your doctor may tell you about this. Every woman who has gone through HSG test has accepted that she felt slight pain during this fertility test. Some women also accepted the fact that though the test was a little bit painful yet they did not bother about it as they were eager to attain pregnancy. Before this test is complete most surgeons prescribe medicines like Tyenol so that you may not feel weary. Most women who took HSG test got their reproductive tubes unblocked to attain pregnancy.

Who feels relaxed during HSG test?

One essential thing that is seen during HSG fertility tests is that women having blockage in their fallopian tubes feel more pain during these tests. On the other hand women whose fallopian tubes are not blocked feel less discomfort during the HSG test. Most women feel nervous when they come for this test for the very first time. For this reason doctors also give them pain killing pills so that women may feel a bit relaxed during this fertility testing procedure. As a women you might feel that your uterus is cramped for a couple of hours after completion of this testing. 

What are other options after HSG tests?

The final outcome of HSG test is very essential as it will guide you and your doctor what tests or procedures you may do further. If your HSG test shows that there is no blockage in your fallopian tubes then your doctor will take some other tests to know the cause of infertility in your body. You may have some other causes for your infertility problems. If HSG testing shows blockage in your tubes then your surgeon will talk about some other option to fix your infertility factor. Some doctors prefer giving laparoscopic surgery to remove any kind of infertility factor in females. This will enhance the chances of pregnancy in women. It depends upon the will of the woman whether she wants to get the laparoscopic surgery done or not. 

What to decide after HSG tests?

Most HSG tests have proved that a blocked tube in females may create complications and risks. If both the tubes in females are blocked then this may block the tubal pregnancy. This kind of condition may be very serious. Thus doctors may suggest these females to take fertility procedures like IVF and IUI when the tubes in females are blocked. These procedures can enhance the chance of pregnancy in infertile females. If the tubes of females are blocked even then procedures like IVF and IUI can help them to conceive and become pregnant. However the first step is to unblock the tubes so that the male sperms may travel through them to the uterus and fertilize with the female eggs. 

Never ignore quality factor in fertility tests

After undergoing HSG testing in Arizona if you feel that your tubes are blocked then you can undertake a laparoscopic surgery. This surgery will heal you from the blot of being barren women that you used to be regarded in the society. For this purpose just unblock your tubes then HSG test will guide you what to do next. When you go to get done HSG test you may be worried about the cost factor. Yet we suggest you not to visit cheap quality doctors who may not be able to give you good quality diagnosis. First check quality then bargain about the price quote. Az fertility treatment center is a place where you can get fertility tests like HSG at a fair cost. 

The final summary

This article informs all readers about HSG testing and its importance. When as a female you are not able to attain pregnancy then HSG tests can predict quickly about the cause of your infertility. After this you can choose any infertility treatment procedure like IVF and IUI to conceive and bear progeny. 

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