7 Important Pictures That Are Essential For Every Wedding Album

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Getting married soon? You might have gone through endless pictures over the internet deciding on how to wear a look that not only looks great but is also updated with the latest trends going around.

We asked various married couples that if they missed out on some clicks that were essential to be a part of the wedding album. And to our surprise, most of them said that yes they do miss out on some essential clicks with a closed one. Some said that there is no picture of them with their whole family in a single frame and a few others missed out on getting clicked with their closest friend.

A marriage is a time when all your friends and family members will be there working on making your day perfect. This makes it really hard to gather everyone for a perfect picture. However, making a list of the important clicks will help you plan them well in advance.

Getting all the important things covered in the wedding photography is something that even the best wedding photographers in Ahmedabad can miss out on, and giving them a list of clicks that are most essential to you will be a great option. So, just keep this list in mind and share it with the photographer who’ll be capturing your wedding. This will ensure that nothing gets missed out and everything will be clicked to perfection.

Here we have mentioned some clicks that are absolutely essential for every wedding album.

With Your Girl Gang

Including all of your friends in one single frame is an essential picture that must be a part of every wedding album. After marriage, it becomes harder to be in contact with them and those frequent night outs will be a thing of the past and will be reduced to just a few frequent visits. These images will be with you forever, and just a look at them is sure to bring a lot of memories flooding back of some quality time you spent together.

With All Your Siblings and Cousins

All your siblings have been there with you, providing the much essential support that you needed when life gave you a hard time and was also a part of all your happiness. We understand that many of them will be busy, running around arranging for the various services that are essential for your wedding. But, you must discuss with them to assemble together for a click at your wedding.

One with Your Furry Friend

All those parents of the fluffy babies out there, it is important to include your four-legged best friend in all wedding celebrations. Getting clicked with them will make some cute memories and it is sure that everyone will go “Aww!!” whenever they see these pictures. If for some reason they can’t make it to your wedding, fret not! You can use an illustration of your pup in the various decor elements and on the invites.

With Your Parents & Grandparents

Mother-Daughter images clicked at the moment when she first sees you in the wedding outfit will be an important moment that needs capturing. There will be a lot of emotions and hugging involved and getting them clicked will give you something to reminisce about. Your grandparents will be the happiest souls on the day of your wedding. Getting clicked with your nanis and dadis with their happy faces will be a memory that you can cherish for your lifetime.

All the Toddlers

Including all those little kids in one single click will make a really cute pic. You can get some awesome clicks of all those adorable beauties grooving on the dance floor. All your nieces and nephews will surely be super excited to be a part of your wedding and capturing that excitement will be a great addition to your wedding album.

A Picture with the Two Families

A marriage marks the bond of not just a couple but it consolidates a bond of two families. So, getting clicked with the two families with all the members is absolutely necessary. These will be the pictures that’ll be the most important part of your wedding album and can even be framed up in a large wedding picture frame for your wall

Your Bridal Lehenga and Jewellery

Just find a hanger to hang your bridal outfit and get it clicked outdoors for some vibrant clicks. You can also get it clicked indoors against a solid-colored wall to get some classic looking pictures. The jewelry can be included in the clicks by keeping them on the bedside against your wedding attire.

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