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Eyelashes are one of the most feminine and significant of anyone’s face. Apart from being the emphasis of beauty, its main function is to prevent eyes from external agents like debris, dirt, sand and moisture from outside to protect yourself from sensitivity and infection. For women, it is a sign of external beauty that enhances their eyes and makes them look more feminine.  This is the reason why women desire to have long, thick and dark eyelashes and use lots of products like generic latisse and tools to enhance their beauty.

Just like how people have hair on the scalp, eyelashes are similar to people having hair on their body. The hair grows falls out and new hair replaces the old ones. If you lose your eyelashes periodically, that’s completely fine and normal. But if you lose them almost every day, then it becomes a point of concern and may need help from a medical professional. The reason behind the falling out of eyelashes are many. 

Some reasons can be trivial while other reasons may require immediate enquiry from the doctor.

One of the reasons why people lose eyelashes is due to a disease called alopecia areata. In this kind of disease, a person experiences hair loss in every part of your body. It has an impact on all the body hair including scalp and beard. It happens when the cells of our immune system attack the follicles of hair. Till date, there is no cure for such an ailment 

Losing eyelashes occasionally is very normal and usually not a cause for concern as your hair keeps on renewing continually. If the process of falling out becomes more than normal, one just get professional help for the same immediately. There are some topical methods that are used for its treatment.

Another reason for the eyelash loss is due to thyroid. This is true for both the cases, whether the person has an underactive thyroid which is also called Hypothyroidism. This process reduces the production of thyroid hormone in the human body.

Hyperthyroidism also called overactive thyroid- Close-up of the enlarged gland producing too much hormone, increasing the body’s metabolism. The overproduction of a hormone by the butterfly-shaped gland in the neck (thyroid), both these conditions lead to loss of hair.

Another condition called as Blepharitis

Also called as eyelid inflammation – An inflammation of the eyelid that affects the eyelashes or tears production. Blepharitis commonly occurs when the tiny oil glands of the inner eyelids become inflamed. It often occurs along with other skin conditions or allergies. The inflammation causes itchiness and redness which in turn leads to scratching of eyes and thus you lose your eyelash hair.

In a similar way skin problems like psoriasis and eczema cause itchiness and irritation in your eyes and force you to rub your eyes constantly, which leads to the loss of eyelashes.

Other reasons that cause loss of eyelashes are due to hormonal changes or insufficiency of nutrients. Eyelash loss can also be caused due to age factors or due to chemotherapy. Other problems related to psychology like trichotillomania may also lead to hair loss. Allergies caused due to mascara or other makeup products may even cause the loss of eyelashes.

If the loss of eyelash is due to any medicating condition, immediate help is required by consulting a doctor to treat this problem.

Can a person grow their lashes back once they lose them?

Yes, every hair on your body grows back after following the three stages namely: the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. The first phase is the phase in which the eyelash hair grows. This phase lasts for about 30 to 45 days. The second phase is the phase of the shrinking of the hair follicle and if there is any loss of hair follicle in this phase, it takes a lot of time for the hair to grow back in that area. The last phase is the phase in which the eyelash hair becomes fully inactive. The falling of hair takes place in this phase and the hair is renewed after 100 days.

Do eyelashes grow back?

Yes, the hair present on the body of a human grows back after a certain period of time. The growth cycle of a human hair consists of three phases: the anagen stage, the Catagen stage and the telogen stage. These stages are also referred to as different phases of the hair growth cycle.

The anagen phase is the growing phase of the cycle and includes the growing back of the lash hair. This phase lasts for about 30 to 45 days.

The next stage is the catagen stage. This phase shrinks the hair follicle of a person and stops hair growth altogether. This stage does not grow back your lash hair if it falls down during this time of the cycle.

The telogen phase is the last phase of a human hair cycle, which makes the hair follicle of a person completely inactive. This stage begins with falling of the hair and takes a total of 100 days to fully replace a lost lash. Read more about eyelashes grow back.

In case an eyelash is pulled out so that eyelashes grow back?

Yes, just like the hair that is lost by natural means, the eyelashes pulled out to grow back in the same way as those lost by natural conditions. However, the constant pulling of eyelashes may lead to impaired or no growth depending upon the damage caused to the hair.

Also, the patients suffering from trichotillomania need to seek immediate help from the doctor.

Can a person grow their lashes back if they cut it?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing to worry about if someone accidentally cut their eyelashes to a smaller length. The eyelashes will grow back to their actual length.

Can a person grow their lashes back post burning?

It may or may not. The answer to it depends on how much a person has burnt their hair and their eye area. If only eyelash hair is affected by it, then the eyelashes will grow back but if the hair follicle of the eyelashes is affected then there is very less possibility of eyelashes to grow back.

After the lashes are extended, does eyelash grow back?

Whether there is a use of eyelash extension or not, the eyelashes continue to grow as per their regular cycle. However, if bad quality adhesives are used, the damage can be caused to eyelashes thereby affecting its growth.

What are the ways to increase eyelash hair growth and stop eyelash loss?

The loss of eyelash may require medical help by a doctor and the treatment can be done according 

The ways to increase the growth of eyelashes are by:

  • Eating healthy and following a nutritious diet
  • The use of fake lashes and mascaras should be avoided.
  • Good quality products should be used on the eyelashes as poor quality ones may damage your eyelashes.
  • Makeup products of any kind should be removed necessarily before going to sleep.

Few eyelash growth serums are available in the market that can increase the speed of eyelash growth. For this, the consultation of the doctor is very necessary before consuming.

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