How to Preserve Your Outdoor Timber Furniture

Outdoor furniture pieces can serve as great additions to your patio or balcony, but timber was not built to withstand changing weather conditions.

Timber furniture pieces are great, but after sometime outdoor, the adverse effects of weather will begin to show on them. Over time, the weather will inflict severe damage on your patio, and back yard furniture, too much precipitation, continuous, direct sunlight, consistent wind and everything in between can all turn your beautiful furniture pieces into hideous pieces of trash.

Today, we will look into how we can better preserve the outdoor furniture you have.

Location Matters

Perhaps the most underrated aspect of protecting your furniture pieces is how the different types of weather effect outdoor furniture.

A family living in Tarcoola would not necessarily need a water sealant for their outdoor furniture; they may want to consider greasing or painting to protect their furniture pieces from the sun.

The type of furniture protection a person living in Sydney needs is very different from what a family living in Alice Springs needs. Knowing exactly what you need is the first step to adequate timber protection.


The positive effects of cleaning your furniture cannot be overstated, and even if you leave your outdoor furniture covered, it will gather dirt and ultimately rot over time if you fail to clean it periodically.

For your wooden pieces, clean them thoroughly with warm water and mild dish soap, break up grime with a sponge when necessary and rinse with a hose to rinse away all soap residues.

Cleaning your furniture is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to preserve your furniture pieces, protect them from rot and increase their lifespan.

Sand and Paint

A great way to protect your furniture from the suns rays is to paint it regularly, but one of the most critical steps to take before painting would be to sand.

Before painting, it is essential to sand your furniture surface down to bare wood, and chemical wood strippers can also be used to enable your primer to adhere to the wood better. Paint should be applied generously and done regularly.

If you find that some of your timber needs replacing then make sure you have a reliable place to 

go and find the necessary timber supplies.

Cover your Furniture

The location of your furniture goes a long way in determining how often you will need to replace or re-coat your pieces.

Furniture covers will go a long way in physically protecting your furniture from the elements; it’s also essential to keep in mind that furniture kept on your balcony or patio will last longer than those kept in your backyard with little to no protection from the weather.

Cover your furniture or move them closer to where they can receive better protection on hotter days or during storms.

Furniture Elevation

Another overlooked means of furniture protection is furniture elevation. In your back yard, patio or balcony you can elevate your wooden pieces off the ground to improve longevity.

You can elevate outdoor furniture with a chain or similar material capable of holding it a few centimetres off the ground safely and without much hindrance to the movement of people and pets.

Elevating your furniture off the ground can protect it from rot, make it harder for pets to damage and can add to the overall look and feel of your outdoor location.

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