How to track Android and iOS app uninstalls?

How to track app uninstalls?

A user can, on average, access 40 apps in a month, but most of the apps get deleted within a span of a week from their last use. Every app is going to lose its user at some point in time, but few users also re-download the apps at a later stage. The app marketers must work to keep their app in use, and for this, they need to fetch data that can enable them the behavior of the user. They need to try to improve the user experience and differentiate the new installs from re-installs. You can track app uninstall by using silent push notifications. These notifications enable apps to receive information without any interruption to the user’s in-app experience.

Why is App Uninstall Tracking important?

The tracking of the app uninstall important as the app installs provide you access to important insights that can optimize the app. You can understand the app’s problems by tracking them and subsequently can improve the user experience by rectifying the problems. When you track the installing, you know when a user needs to be the target again. For more information about tracking app uninstall click here.

How can we track the app uninstall processes?

Push notification is in use to detect the mobile app uninstall, which sends a silent notification to the app marketers. When you search how to track app uninstall, both Android and Apple devices, push notification uses tokens of the device to signal an inactive app. The developers use the tokens to identify that there is an uninstallation.

3 Tools To Track App Uninstalls,

This tool provides you with the numbers by tracking uninstalls and installs. It provides you the current status of the installs and uninstalls. These numbers are based on user acquisition source and give you the most accurate data. This tool helps to show the major event that occurred immediately before the uninstallation. It gives you the exact picture as to why people are uninstalling the app.

-Google Play Developer Console,

Google Play Developer Console permits you to measure the mobile app uninstall. You can sign in to the developer console to use this tool. Then select your app, and you will be able to monitor the number of apps uninstalls. You can use this tool for free, and it also displays the control panel’s desired period and date.


MoEngage is another major tool for tracking app uninstalls. This tool provides you with advice to regain the lost users and is super easy to use. A user can uninstall an app due to various criteria, and you can select a specific range for the criteria. This tool provides app uninstall analytics, which helps you to under the reason for removing the app by the user.

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