Little Girl Dresses for Every Occasion

From a young age, little girls love any opportunity to get dressed up and Pink Princess is a wonderful little girl dresses boutique where customers can find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Boutiques can provide dresses and other outfits for big events like christenings or holidays, to the perfect costume for a dress-up playdate with friends.

 There are milestones and big events in a child’s life which are often marked by public and private ceremonies.  The public milestone for baby girls and boys is often the religious ceremony known as christening or baptism. Christening gowns are worn by both boys and girls and are white to symbolize purity and innocence.  Baptismal gowns are often handed down through a family and become cherished family heirlooms that need to be chosen carefully and Pink Princess can help parents find a gown for their baby. Another important religious milestone in a young girl’s life is often communion.  This is a ceremony often celebrated in the Catholic church when a child is between the ages of seven and fourteen. There are guidelines for the dress which include being simple and age appropriate. The most important element is that the communion dress is a shade of white without too many sequins, rhinestones, feathers, or ruffles.  Comfort should also be a consideration as ceremonies could last two hours or more.

Little girls are the center of attention in both christenings and communions, but they may also take place in a wedding ceremony as a flower girl where she is secondary only to the bride.  A little girl dresses boutique would be the place to shop for this special occasion. A flower girl is typically a member of the bride or groom’s extended family or family friend between the ages of three and ten.  Brides often want their flower girls to wear a dress that is similar to their gown or a child-appropriate version of the bridesmaid dresses. Flower girls have the honor of preceding the bride down the aisle and symbolizing the bride’s transition from child to adult.

Special occasions are not the only reason little girls will want to wear beautiful dresses.  Sometimes it can be a simple playdate with a friend where they play dress-up. Playing dress-up encourages a child’s imagination and supports their emotional development.  Imagination and emotional development are enhanced by role play which allows a child to see the world through someone else’s eyes. It helps them explore careers and socialize with other children.  There are also dresses for the popular eighteen-inch dolls found in boutiques which help to expand and enrich dress-up playtime.

Whether it’s for a christening, communion, wedding, or a playdate little girl dresses boutique is the place to shop.

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