The Rich History of Mace Windu’s Lightsaber

The Mace Windu lightsaber is a special part of Star Wars lore. It is a very special weapon that is tied to a surprisingly powerful and historically significant Jedi. Mace Windu went from being a minor character in The Phantom Menace to being one of the great and celebrated Jedi in the Star Wars universe. His lightsaber is no small part of that legend.

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A Unique Color

In the original George Lucas Movies, Mace Windu has the only purple lightsaber. It isn’t just to make him look cool; the purple saber has an interesting story. It’s origin actually has nothing to do with any Star Wars lore. Sam Jackson wanted a color that would stand out — especially in the big fight scene at the end of Attack of the Clones. So, he petitioned George Lucas for a purple lightsaber. Resistant at first, Lucas finally decided it was a good idea, and Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber was born.

Retroactively, canon was added to explain the color. Mace Windu has an amethyst crystal that powers his weapon. He sought out the amethyst crystal because of a vision he saw when he was still a Jedi in training. After using the force to help locals on the planet where it was located, they gifted him with the crystal as a token of appreciation. In the Star Wars galaxy, amethyst crystals are among the rarest.

A Deeper Meaning

Mace Windu’s lore has been expanded over the years. The purple saver is a counter to Windu’s special form of combat. While the color technically isn’t related to Form VII (Mace Windu’s lightsaber fighting style), the idea is that a rare lightsaber color is indicative of a rare Jedi. Windu’s special combat allows him to absorb and repurpose the dark side of the force. In other words, he’s the perfect counter to a sith in battle.

This form is why Windu was able to dominate Emperor Palpatine when they fought, despite the then chancellor’s ability to easily dispatch so many other Jedi.

That’s a lot of storytelling tied to the Mace Windu lightsaber. It’s a fun part of Star Wars and helps us remember just how rich and developed this universe is. Now that you know some fun facts about the jedi master and his weapon of choice, you can revisit the Star Wars movies and stories with a little more knowledge under your belt and a little more appreciation for the subtleties woven into the greater fabric that makes up this rich tapestry.

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