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Nearly everyone has had an accident and got an injury that breaks the skin or body tissues; it may be a cut, scrape, scratch, or punctured skin. Most of which are minor and heals quickly on first aid. Moreover, there are other wounds that are severe, and you might find them challenging to clean and close. They are mostly caused by surgery, suture, stitches, or infections of small wounds. Wounds like this need professional care, Wound Care in Fort Worth takes care of it all, and with them, you need not worry. Your wounds will be healed quickly, limbs preserved, and no worries of amputations.

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Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicines

They have a team of certified, trained, experienced paramedics in taking care of non – healing wounds and bone infections. Their care is comprehensive, including nutrition, modern dressing, and specialized treatment. They give you a thorough assessment and perform a physical exam to identify the cause of your wound.

If you are experiencing – fever, foul odor, drainage from the wound, thick, discolored discharge, swelling and redness, and pain that does not improve or gets worse, then it’s time to visit Wound Evolution and receive the best would care that will leave your skin whole again. The health center has highly qualified and experienced specialists who provide comprehensive wound care to ensure that every patient receives the best care possible in a comfortable environment.

They give you personalized care testing, and X-rays are done to get any complications you may have for effective treatments and wound care therapy such as:

  •       Wound debridement- This is a procedure for removing unhealthy tissues from a wound; it promotes healing and prevents possible complications.
  •       Bio-engineered skin graft- If you have a slow-healing wound, this is the treatment for you. It’s a transplant of removed skin from one part of your body to another part where you lost skin. It’s a less painful procedure with fewer complications. It’s recommended for patients with non – healing wounds, surgical wounds, and diabetic ulcers, among others.

Call Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine and get a Bioengineered skin graft to help your wounds heal.

  •       Compression therapy. – This is a therapy that supports your veins and increases circulation in the legs for a patient who has veins related diseases. It encourages recovery and promotes your movement.
  •       Hyperbaric oxygen therapy- This is an advanced treatment that exposes your body to pure oxygen, enabling a natural healing process.

It’s used to treat conditions like burns, crush injuries, bone infections, diabetic wounds, surgical wounds, among others. These treatments last for only two hours, leaving your tissue growing again.

  •   Bone infections – with advanced technologies, bone infection is now treatable with wound care and hyperbaric medicines. Though it’s a rare condition, it common to patients with chronic diseases like diabetes.
  •   Infected wounds – this is a complication developed in wounds caused by bacteria coming from the skin, the wound, or the outside environment. If not treated, it interferes with healing and may cause an acute wound to be chronic.

To avoid further complications of your wounds, Schedule an appointment with Wound Care Evolution today. Text, call, or book online to get specialized care.

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