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Teeth are among the most noticeable organs in your body, especially when you smile, talk, and laugh. They give others either a negative or positive impression of you, depending on their state. Healthy, radiant teeth make you look beautiful and boost your self-confidence. However, dental imperfections such as discoloration alter your facial appearance and affect your self-image.  Your productivity in social places may decline if your teeth are discolored, broken, or have spaces in between. Thanks to cosmetic, family, and general dentistry in Midtown Manhattan, your specialist can help you improve your dental outlook and regain your confidence with veneers.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin coverings that are custom-made to match the shape and color of your natural teeth. Veneers can be made out of two types of materials that include porcelain and composite resin. Dental veneers are fitted on your teeth’s front surface to cover different problems such as:

  • Worn-down teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Spaces or gaps between your teeth
  • Teeth discolored due to excessive fluoride, root canal treatment, large resin fillings, stains from tetracycline, and other drugs.

Should I consult before getting veneers?

An initial consultation with your dentist with your specialist is necessary due to different reasons. For example, it allows you to understand whether you are a good candidate for veneers. While the process is generally safe, the doctor may advise against veneers for reasons such as:

  • Your teeth are severely misaligned.
  • You have periodontitis or gum disease. Your doctor may recommend treatment before getting the veneers as covering bacteria with these shells may worsen the existing condition.
  • You have bad habits such as biting nails, chewing pens, grinding, and clenching teeth. These habits affect the durability of veneers.

During a consultation, it is important to ask your dentist all questions you may have concerning veneers. This will help you clear any uncertainties or doubts you have. A consultation may involve an explanation of what to expect during the process. Your specialist may also inform you of what veneers can and cannot do. For example, veneers only cover but do not address the dental problems you are having.

What is the process for getting veneers like?

If your dentist recommends veneers, you may need more than one visit to your specialist. The first visit is for consulting, the second for preparing your veneers, and the third for placing them. During the second visit, your dentist makes x-rays of your teeth and mouth. Next, the dentist makes an impression of your tooth and sends it to the lab to facilitate the making of permanent veneers. As you wait for permanent

veneers, the dentist may send you home with temporary coverings. The fabrication process may take two weeks to one month. After the veneers are ready, you will need to visit your dentist once again. During the third appointment, the dentist scrapes off small amounts of enamel from your teeth. This is to create space for the veneer so that the tooth does not feel bulky. Before permanently the veneers on your teeth, the dentist matches the coverings to your natural teeth to ensure the color and shape closely match. Using a beam of light, the dentist hardens the cement and makes any needed adjustments.

Do not let bad teeth become your source of insecurities. Visit your dentist at New Dimension Dentistry for veneers to improve your appearance.

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