How To Remove Paint Defects And Keep Your Gun From Getting Rusty?

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A quality firearm that stays reliable and durable for years needs regular maintenance and proper storage. Most pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns are made from metals; hence they are prone to rust and carrion. If you don’t store your gun properly, you are exposing your gun to rust and corrosion, which will decrease the quality and life of the gun. If you don’t know how to maintain your gun, even the corrosion resistant paint will lose its potential in eliminating rust from your weapon. 

At the same time, paint defects can also make your gun more susceptible to rust or not using a proper storage or safety box to store the gun can lead to rust. In this blog, we will discuss a few tips on how to prevent your gun from getting rusty and remove paint defects from your firearm.

1: Understanding the difference between solvent and gun oil:

A lot of mistakes the majority of people who have a firearm make is they don’t use a gun lubricant and use a solvent-based cleaner to remove rust and paint defects which actually counter-attacks your firearm’s exteriors rather than protecting it from rust. 

When the concern is about cleaning your gun, you will have to use proper gun oil, which is free from crude oil or petrol distillates; hence it will prevent the metal from getting rust due to oxygen and moisture. On the other hand, you will have to also ensure that you don’t over-lubricate your gun as it will attract too much dirt and affect your gun’s performance.

2: Reducing the exposure of guns towards humidity:

Well, it only takes a few drops of water to contact your firearm and start the rusting process; hence you will have to ensure that your gun stays a million miles away from water, humidity, and even water vapour. According to recent research, 50% humidity is ideal for storing a firearm; hence try to maintain the same humidity levels when storing your gun. If you live in humid regions, you can also keep a packet of silica gel inside the gun storage box to ensure that it will absorb the extra moisture to prevent your gun from rusting.

3: Not taking out your gun in bad weather:

A common mistake most gun owners make is they take their guns out for activities like hunting or self-defence while exploring dark forests during the rainy season. Taking out your gun in bad weather like snowfall or rain without proper protection can increase the chances of rust. It is highly recommended not to take out your weapon during extreme weather conditions as it can increase the chances of attracting rust.

4: Importance of cleaning your gun regularly:

Cleaning your firearm at regular intervals is one of the most important maintenance activities which will ultimately decide whether your gun will attract or repel rust. You will have to follow a perfect cleaning routine to ensure that your gun performs in the best possible condition. When cleaning your weapon, try to ensure that you remove all the gun powder that can attract rust and ensure that it is not loaded, as many deaths of owners have reported while cleaning their gun.


Apart from the above-mentioned anti-rust tips for firearms, you can also apply corrosion-resistant pain or use an anti-rust spray to keep rust and corrosion away from your firearm. Moreover, you should also stop using solvent-based gun cleaning products as they can damage the stock of your gun and attract insects and rust. 


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