Locum Tenens: Breathing New Life into a Physician’s Career

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It might come as a surprise to some physicians that there is an alternative career in the form of locum tenens. Instead of working with a single health facility and learning to navigate the politics and the responsibilities that come with developing a career, it is instead all about being sent where you are needed most. It involves a physician recruiter providing you a choice of assignments with varying rates depending on the location.

It can seem like a big step for many people, even though the road to becoming a physician is already an overwhelming prospect. It can also be challenging to want to give locum tenens a try without a clear understanding of what it is about. Here are just some ways locum tenens can breathe new life into a physician’s career.

Making good use of your talents

Not every medical practitioner has a chance to make use of their skills and talents. In many cases, physicians with a long enough tenure typically leave the heavy lifting to the younger doctors and nurses. While it is a fine situation for many, not everyone is happy with a static career, even if it might be financially sound.

With locum tenens, it is guaranteed that you make full use of your talents. After all, a locum tenens physician is there to fill the void. Some facilities are desperate enough for a talented physician that they make full use of their abilities. It might seem like an overwhelming prospect, but it is one clear advantage locum tenens has over a typical career in medicine.

A schedule that you can trust

If there is one thing that many physicians tend to complain about, it is the unclear and hectic schedules. While there is a clear schedule on paper, things rarely go as planned in the world of medicine. The result is that many medical practitioners end up overworking and neglecting their work-life balance due to the crazy schedule. Since locum tenens is about filling the void and having little to do with paperwork — which is something most physicians have to deal with — locum tenens physicians tend to have a lot more free time.

It’s a great deal for newer physicians, as it’s a chance to spread your wings without necessarily being overwhelmed with long hours.

Your choice of location

The freedom of traveling is something that many physicians could only dream of, as many tend to be glued in a single location. In the case of locum tenens, you have a choice of various locations, and the more remote the area, the higher the pay. It’s a simple enough prospect, and one that could end with you making much more money than you would have otherwise in a conventional career.

Is locum tenens for everyone? Not necessarily, as you have to be prepared to handle different locations and build practice experience in a trial by fire. Fortunately, those that get used to the routine will find that it is well worth the effort.

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