Looking for a PG in Hyderabad? Is It Safe And Hygienic To Stay?

COVID-19 has put us on high alert and made us so much more aware of hygiene practices that we adopt for all our lifestyle choices. From the food we eat to the place we stay in, our social interactions to lifestyles, we are all weighing our choices carefully. In this context, ensuring that the place we stay in is safe and hygienic, has become the biggest concern – considering most of us will be confined to this place for months on end. At the same time, with the lift-off of the lockdown and trickling back of education and work-related movement, the capital city has started to slowly see the return of its migrant population and the growing need for safe and hygienic rental spaces – PGs in Hyderabad, apartments, hostels, etc.

But the state of accommodation matters a lot, especially in terms of their adherence to the precautions issued by the health ministry. Professionally managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have been following all government health advisories and have also adopted practices to create safer and more hygienic delivery of all services. It is critical to look at what kind of measures are being followed at paying guest accommodation in Hyderabad and how safe they are to live in.

Let’s have a look at some of the points that should be considered before you move in:


This probably is the most heard word since the time this pandemic started! Sanitization is extremely important in order to protect ourselves from COVID-19. The virus can be potentially present on any surface and can be transmitted through many mediums be it human touch, air, etc. So, to ensure safety from this, it is important to sanitize our spaces. Accommodation operators must go beyond usual cleaning and housekeeping to ensure high-quality sanitizers are used to disinfect all kinds of surfaces – from frequent-touch doorknobs and lift buttons to furniture, rooms, etc – and that too, multiple times during the day. Also, these sanitization practices should not be restricted to surfaces. All residents and staff must use sanitizers (which should also be placed around the residence), clean their hands before handling any items, and ensure during transportation of any time, cooking of meals, washing laundry, etc all precautions are taken. Some managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have adopted strict protocols that need to be carried out for each service delivery and they’ve also introduced facilities like contactless meal service to mitigate the chances of infection spread.

Social Distancing and Regular Temperature Checks

Post lockdown liftoff as the economy crawls back into action, people are returning to their jobs. Similarly, with educational institutes expected to resume classes, there will be people moving back to their rental spaces. Since the virus is continuing to spread it is now even more important to maintain advisory practices like social distancing at PG accommodation or Hostels in Hyderabad. Choosing accommodation that prioritizes space is thus important, so don’t compromise with a place that has cramped rooms and too many residents in limited space. At the same time, it is important that in common areas and other shared spaces, these advisories are strictly implemented by the operator and followed by the residents. Similarly instituting daily thermal checks for staff and residents, monitoring health concerns is imperative. Before entering your PG, the guard must strictly take note of the body temperature of the occupants and staff who were outside and monitor for any abnormalities.

Employment of Safety Gear

Make sure the staff in your PG in Hyderabad is wearing masks, as it is quite important to use protective measures to prevent infection spread. As humans, we tend to pick or touch a lot of things – from our cell phones to table surfaces – which increases the chances of contamination. So, it is important that all service providers also wear disposable gloves, wash hands, and sanitize frequently to improve hygiene levels.

Ensure that your PG accommodation has these basic but essential practices in place for residents and staff. At this time, you should not be compromising on hygiene measures that can mitigate the spread of disease, more so when you are living away from home in a PG in Hyderabad.

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