Interior design tips for 2 BHK apartments

You should consult interior designers and industry professionals for doing up your 2 BHK apartment. Make sure that you abide by contemporary design principles and invest the right amount of time in choosing a suitable interior design company that can cater to your requirements with aplomb. You can find options for 2 BHK flat interior design online without any hassles.

Interior designers have specific industry insights and knowledge for maximizing space utilization along with designing rooms to reflect your aesthetic and design preferences. They also keep the functional and attractive aspect of rooms in mind, helping you design rooms suitably with unique ideas.

Some helpful tips that you should bear in mind

For 1 BHK interior design or interiors for 2 BHK apartments, you should follow these tips.

  • Look at design templates from multiple magazines and websites

Always do your homework carefully along with researching available design inputs and ideas in various magazines and websites. You should spend some time in creatively exploring design ideas while looking up styles that will suitably appeal to your aesthetic senses.

  • Consider the right color schemes for adding flavor to the apartment

Multiple colors are synonymous with diverse moods and aesthetic choices. The key aspect worth keeping in mind is that you should always choose a mixture of three shades. You should opt for a classy and uniform color along with choosing variations in terms of shades. The wall colors should be coordinated with the color of the chairs, couches and dining tables. Another tip is that you should emphasize on smaller accessories which can help create a whole new look.

  • Integrate the right colors and textures for the interiors

Picture all-white and elegant interiors with lovely textures, drapes, linen and cushions along with velvet sofas and accessories in diverse colors, styles and textures. Such elegant and regal designs can now be yours at home if you integrate suitable textures and colors into your home interiors.

  • Always pair up statement pieces with smaller counterparts

When you are keeping statement pieces of larger sizes in 2 or 3 BHK apartment units, make sure that they are suitably paired with smaller and complementary pieces. A large room with ample furniture may look unsettled or plain unappealing if you do not get this arrangement right. A single big statement piece is basically all you need to create a nice ambience in your living room or bedroom.

  • Make use of decorative trays and baskets

Professional interior designers often prefer using decorative baskets, bowls and trays for decorating rooms. An elegantly designed tray by the coffee table containing some magazines, candles, et al will really set the tone for a warm and welcoming evening ahead. Similarly, a smaller tray beside the bed with your essentials or even a fresh fruit basket on the center table adds new dimensions to the look and feel of your 2 BHK apartment unit.

Make sure that you choose a suitable interior design firm/company for doing up your 2 BHK apartment. The right designer will stay firmly in sync with your vision while emphasizing on functionality and aesthetics alike.


You should always look at the prevalent trends in mainstream interior design along with investing a little time in choosing the right design firm to cater to your needs.

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