Simple Troubleshooting: What To Know If Your iPhone Won’t Turn On

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Technology has been evolving rapidly today, and everyone seems to have their very own smartphone already. If you’re one of those who own an iPhone, you should know how it feels to have a smartphone that wouldn’t turn on. This kind of problem is common to everyone, which always results in frustration.  

It will also be more frustrating if you’re not a techy type of person, or perhaps you don’t have the budget for buying a new smartphone. It’s never a pleasant experience having a phone that won’t turn on. So here’s what you should know.

Common Problems to Take Note

One good news you need to know is that it’s not that hard to identify your phone issue and resolve it. Here are three of the most common problems why an iPhone won’t turn on

  • The battery of your iPhone is dead, and it won’t charge because there’s an issue with the charger, cable, or how your phone is trying to charge. 
  • There’s a severe hardware problem your phone is experiencing.
  • There’s a software error that prevents your home screen from turning on. 
  • Your phone might be in sleep mode and needs a restart to turn it on. 

These problems may put you on the verge of purchasing a new iPhone. It may not be practical, especially if you haven’t saved enough to buy a new one. Before you give up, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can try before deciding it’s over. If your phone is dead and won’t turn on, here are a few methods to try bringing it to life.

Charge The Battery of Your Phone

One common reason why a phone won’t turn on is because of a dead battery. You can try finding it out by charging your phone through your computer or a power outlet for at least fifteen minutes. You will know if the phone is charged enough once it awakens. Most phones turn on when their battery has charged sufficiently. You can also try to hold down the power button of your phone until it restarts. 

Check Your Charger or Lightning Cable

Sometimes, charging will solve it all. But, if you doubt that your phone didn’t run out of battery and charging isn’t much of a help either, then you might have a defective cable or charger. It’s one of the most common problems of iPhone users. Try charging your phone with another charger or cable to verify. 

On the other hand, you can also try charging a different phone using your charger and cable. If your charger works on a different phone, don’t decide yet. One popular troubleshooting method to use is charging your phone through the USB port on your computer using the cable. Most iPhone users try this method, especially if they have an old charger. 

Restart/Hard Reset Method

If charging your iPhone won’t work, the thing to try is to restart your phone. First, you need to locate the power button on your iPhone. It’s usually located on the upper right side of your phone. In this case, your phone might turn on after a few seconds. That’s applicable for iPhones who’re turned off. On the other hand, if your phone is turned on, you will see a slider that gives you the option to reset the release.

If a simple restart doesn’t do the trick, you could try the next method to perform a hard reset on your phone. It’s a process to somewhat clear your phone’s memory for a more broad reset. 

Check for Liquid or Physical Damage

One common problem that everyone took advantage of is to check if your phone doesn’t have any physical or liquid damage. You may not know, or you just don’t remember if you have dropped your phone and incurred some damage. iPhones can easily be broken or damaged. So, spills and drops could be the reason why your iPhone won’t turn on. 

Water and fall damages can be unpredictable and dangerous to your phone. A drop of water on your charger or in any area could be troublesome and can cause why your iPhone won’t turn on. So you need to carefully check everything from the back to the front and the sides of your phone. 

In A Nutshell 

With the generation we lived in today, having a defective phone could put you in misery. Well, it’s just safe to say that mobile devices have been beneficial in many ways. If you ever find yourself having a defective or a phone that won’t turn on, don’t panic just yet. Make some quick check up on your phone before you go to the repair shop or buy a new one. Refer to this guide so you will know what to do. 

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