Planning to set up your home office? Best painting tips

Recent times saw the work from home culture becoming the new normal for most of us. And with organizations and employees finding it more and more comfortable, the phenomena are going to be around for a much longer time.

Setting up a dedicated workspace in your home is a necessity now. Whether you are redoing an existing workspace or setting up a new one, planning and doing up a home office can be exciting. The right choice of color and paint can significantly impact your productivity and creativity and can transform the look and vibe of your home office. 

Here are a few tips to consider to make the perfect space with the right walls for you.

  1. Bright, warm colors: Bright and warm colors can promote a sense of energy within the room and will work on encouraging productivity. They are a great choice to help in preventing exhaustion and distraction. Orange and yellow are warm and welcoming and have been shown to stimulate brain activity and create a more energetic and cheerful environment. One should be careful when using reds for office spaces as they tend to create a sense of urgency and can be too intense. Reds are a great option for people with fast-paced jobs as it will support their level of productivity.
  2. Cooler colors: Cooler colors tend to be very refreshing and encourage creativity. Blues can have a calming effect and create a tranquil environment. Greens are also a great choice to promote a balance as they are very refreshing, relaxing, and energizing at the same time. Green helps in enhancing productivity and boosting creativity and also minimizes stress. Being a major color of nature, it brings a sense of serenity and is a great option for people with highly stressful jobs.
  3. Accent wall: In case you do not have the space to assign an entire room to your home office, painting an accent wall can be helpful. It can help you sit down and concentrate better. Accent walls are a great way to combine brighter and more intense colors with other neutral colors of your home painting. It can help in creating a specific, work atmosphere within the room without making it too overwhelming.
  4. Color blocking or Ombre walls: For a dramatic or more fun look, one can resort to ombre walls. It requires choosing two colors of the same family and blending them from darkest to lightest. One can go from top to bottom, bottom to top, or side to side. Ombre walls can make space appear and feel bigger. Another design choice could be color blocking in bold, graphic patterns. One can either use colors of the same family to create harmony or use opposite colors on the color wheel.
  5. Creating your note board: A great tip while painting your home office space is creating your note board using paint. All you have to do is paint the wall behind your desk or just a small space on it of your desired size using whiteboard or chalkboard paint. Having a note board can come help in the organization of tasks and ideas and can also work great during brainstorming sessions. It also works on reducing paper usage and paper wastage.

A good paint job will make your home office space livelier and comfortable yet spark your creativity and productivity levels. At Aapka Painter, we aim at recreating your walls with expert assistance and revolutionize the way homes get painted. You can browse through various catalogs to choose your desired paint at the right offering price Asian paints and other brands sell at.