Release Stress by Playing Escape Room Games at Home

One of the attractions of escape rooms is how they can draw you in, force you to focus, and help put you in a different world. Leaving home in this day and age can be not only a challenge but more stressful than whatever was causing your pent-up energy, to begin with!

Rather than heading out and about, dive into a mystery with at-home escape room games!

What is an Escape Room?

Traditionally, escape rooms are built out and designed by a dedicated team of people and require a team to solve them. Bring your friends, family, or leadership team members and try to get out within the time frame to “win” the game.

When you’re stressed, heading out on the town to an escape room can add to the feelings you’re already dealing with, so an at-home option is a great way to still connect without going outside. These at-home escape room games can be played with a group of people and are intricately designed so you’ll be able to dig in deep and enjoy the mystery!


This is one of the top at-home escape room games and is easy to find through several different vendors. The game is designed simply, so it’s easy to set up and play, reducing your stress even further. Each game includes a deck of cards and access to the games app.

Play through the mystery by choosing a scene and finding the corresponding cards in the deck to give you clues. You’ll quickly find yourself immersed in the scene and the challenge, and your stress is melting away! It can be hard to imagine that just some cards and pictures can evoke such a scene, but the simplicity sets the stage for your imagination to take hold.

Escape Room in a Box

If you’re not sure that a deck of cards can quite pull you into the mystery and escape room, set the scene more thoroughly with Escape Room in a Box! This box is full of all the sensory pieces that would make up an escape room, from envelopes to cases with actual padlocks, along with the puzzles that make it fun.

One of the best things about this type of at-home escape room is that it’s very similar to an outside experience. So you can easily pull it out and set it down in front of guests or get it out for yourself after a stressful day and quickly play through the entire “room.”

You will need a few household objects to complete this escape room, but essentially everything is included! The downside is that there’s only one combination for the game, so once you’ve played through, you can’t change it up and play again later on.


A good mystery game is one of the best ways to stop thinking about a stressful situation and start to feel a little better! An outdoor escape room can be much fun to do with friends, but heading out of the house can be a lot if you’re stressed. When you’re feeling stressed, break out a few at-home escape room games and sink into a mystery you can solve! Visit Lock Paper Scissors for the adventures and mysterious escape rooms kits.

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