Standing Out From the Competition

Stand out from the competition by creating your very own booth to showcase your business at trade shows. With the help of ExpoMarketing, you’ll be able to customize your own display. ExpoMarketing works with companies to create uniquely eyecatching booths that will help to increase customer engagement. Whether you want to promote your services, sell products, or meet potential customers to grow your mailing list, a well-designed display will help you to achieve your business goals. Here are some things to consider when designing your trade show display booth.

Make it eye-catching

Imagine attending a trade show where all the booths are similar. There are often rows and rows of similarly designed displays; many of these use a neutral color such as grey, white, or blue. It seems like there’s a one size fits all booth or to be more accurate, one shade fits all.

Now imagine attending the same trade fair with your own uniquely designed booth, which is a bold color. Which stall do you think the customers will be most drawn to? A strong, lime green may not suit every business; you’ll need to choose colors bases on your branding carefully. A bold design will attract the most interested people.

If you can’t use a bold color, create a space that is interesting and unique. Somewhere that draws people in and keeps their interest. Make sure people can easily move around the booth. You can also invite passers-by in if they are reluctant to make the first move.

Don’t take yourself or your business too seriously

As you probably know, trade shows can quickly become very tedious or even repetitive, especially when all the booths look similar. Make sure that potential customers don’t pass you by; add something fun, quirky, or unusual to your booth.

As people walk past, your business only has a few seconds to catch their attention. You can do this by making your brand look playful, rather than too serious. You may consider having a game or quiz that will draw customers towards your booth.

Think about trade fairs you’ve attended in the past. Which stalls stood out? What did they do differently than the masses? You probably won’t remember the booth that had one guy sitting there on his laptop. It’s the business with the inflatable banana or the giant game of snakes and ladders that you’ll remember. Right? Create a display that is interesting and engaging, and people will flock to your booth.

You’ll then need to create a product or service which is just as fun as your booth. Research shows that people are more likely to buy at a trade fair if they feel engaged with the company and if they’re happy and having fun. However, it’s important not to go overboard, make sure that any game or props that you create fit in with your branding and company image.

Its also a good idea not to take yourself too seriously, be open and friendly, and people are more likely to engage with you and your brand as they walk past. People who attend trade shows do so because they want to talk, gather information, and possibly buy, so being approachable and fun will help your business to succeed.

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