The Best Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Bathroom

If you’re conducting a bathroom renovation or building a new bathroom from scratch, you may be struggling to find sources of inspiration to help you decide which fixtures and fittings suit your style and needs best. From looking to nature for inspiration to visiting bathroom showrooms in Melbourne, this article will go over some of the best ways to get inspiration for your bathroom.

Look to Nature for Inspiration

While this tip may seem unorthodox, looking to nature is arguably the quickest and cheapest way you can gain inspiration for your bathroom. Take a long walk outside and really try to take in the beauty of your surroundings. Specifically look for inspiration in the colours, textures and patterns you see in nature while paying attention to how your surroundings make you feel. You can take pictures of anything particularly interesting you see or anything that sparks some innate curiosity and then synthesise these images into a colour palette or inspiration board. Doing this may also make you think about how you can make your bathroom upgrades and renovations more sustainable and eco-friendly, which in the long term will work out to be much more affordable.

Browse Pinterest & Instagram

In recent years, social media has become absolutely flooded with accounts dedicated to showing off the latest home and bathroom designs. Pinterest and Instagram in particular are two platforms that are great for gaining inspiration for your bathroom renovation or build. By simply searching terms such as “bathroom designs” or “bathroom trends” on either platform, you’ll instantly be met with thousands of pictures, videos and tutorials showing the latest bathroom styles, fittings and fixtures that are currently trending. You’ll also be able to bookmark or save anything you find to be especially inspirational.

Visit a Bathroom Showroom

Visiting bathroom showrooms in Melbourne is a great way to gain inspiration for your bathroom as well as access to the latest designs and bathroom styles. Showrooms will have displays set up with various fixtures, accessories and bathroom supplies so you’ll be able to see all of your options in person before committing to a purchase. Bathroom showrooms in Melbourne also come equipped with showroom consultants. Consultants can provide a great deal of assistance in helping you decide which bathroom accessories and fittings are a good match for your needs, as well as giving you a broader perspective of all of your options.

Browse Home Improvement Magazines & Catalogues

While this strategy may seem a little antiquated when compared to simply browsing for inspiration online, magazines and catalogues may provide you with more in-depth information and articles on bathroom accessories. The authors and collators of these magazines usually also have some industry experience, so it’s likely that the bathroom styles, designs and fittings featured in their pages are among the best options currently on the market. Magazines are also easily accessible and published regularly, meaning you can have a constant source of quality inspiration throughout the entire duration of your bathroom upgrade or new build.

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