Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

This is why I will never regret my decision of becoming a cam girl

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Becoming a cam girl was the best decision of my life and I am being more and more sure of this with every day I work in the world’s biggest modeling agency. My name is Maria, I am 26 and my journey started three years ago. As every young American girl, I wanted to live my dream and buy all the stuff I desired for, from clothing and jewelry to far more expensive things, such as a nice apartment and a sports car.

Initially, I thought that living in Phoenix was a small disadvantage since it doesn’t have the same magnitude as New York, Las Vegas or Los Angeles. I mean yeah, it’s called the Valley of the Sun, but I thought the opportunities were not the same as in the Big Apple.

However, what followed proved me wrong and, by reading this article, you will see why. I mastered in psychology, but not because it would grant me a well-paid job, but because I had a strong passion for this field of study. Ever since I was a small child, I was very talkative and very into other people’s feelings and experiences. I honestly thought that, by understanding others, I could communicate better with them, be more supportive, as well as grow into being a much better person. Little did I know it will help me so much in my quest to becoming a cam girl.

When I first found out about this job opportunity, I had second thoughts because I associated it exclusively with sex. How wrong could I be! Actually, this modeling agency is a non-adult one, which means you don’t have to get undressed to succeed and get members’ attention and loyalty. Actually, I found out that what you need was much closer to what I knew and what I had to offer.

My message to all girls who dream of becoming a cam girl is the following: you don’t have to objectify yourselves! It’s more about psychology than sex, it’s more about empathy than nakedness, it’s more about the mind than the body. You will meet different types of members, but all will have one thing in common: they are feeling lonely and they need to be understood. Otherwise, they won’t be here and they won’t pay money for attention.

Looking back to who I was three years ago, who I am now and what I have achieved, I can honestly say that becoming a cam girl is my dream job. I didn’t get to tell you that yet, but the money I earned help me fulfill all my expectations right in my home town! I didn’t have to move out of Phoenix to buy a sports car, a two-bedroom apartment or to enhance my clothing style. All happened right here and only because I didn’t stop for one second in my attempt of becoming a cam girl.

In conclusion, my advice to all young girls who desire of becoming a cam girl is: follow your dreams, don’t let other people stop you from achieving the status you deserve, but also don’t look down on anyone. Just enjoy the ride and make the most out of every opportunity that is given to you. Good luck!

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