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Kerala is a very beautiful state located in the southern part of India. There is a significant population of people living in the state. The state has been divided into small districts. The locals here generally speak Malayalam. Kerala is very famous for its spices, it is known as the spice capital of India. There is a huge demand for spices grown in the state, in different countries in the world. The capital of the state is Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala is known for its education and literacy around the country. Also, people here live a happy life and very few of the people are below the poverty line. Also, the cities and the roads are very neat and clean and the locals here love to keep their environment clean by planting more and more trees. Kerala is known for its beautiful flora and fauna that add to the beauty of this state. The state is very famous for its beautiful beaches, coconuts, and hot and humid weather. 

It is a very popular destination for tourists. People love to visit the greenery and beautiful beaches that this state offers. Also, people living here are highly educated and welcoming. Their hospitality and love to the foreigners are well appreciated all over. Alleppey is a very popular destination for tourists. It is located in the heart of the state and is famous for its beautiful backwaters. It is also called East Venice. Venice is a very beautiful city situated on top of the water. Alleppey is well connected with Cochin and people can easily travel to Cochin via flights to the Airport and can then go to Alleppey. The place is very famous for its sandy beaches, Ayurveda markets, and beautiful backwater destinations. The place is designed for family outings and couples’ holiday plans. The food is also very famous in this region. The government has paid a lot of attention to this tourist place. The best place to live in Alleppey is the backwater houseboats. The benefits of hiring Alleppey houseboats in Kerala are as follows: 

Advantages of hiring backwater houseboats: 

●     Houseboats are economical: One of the best benefits of hiring houseboats is that they are economical too. Couples, as well as families, can stay in well-maintained rooms at a reasonable price. Also, you enjoy the boat life and the beautiful scenery all around. The rooms are very neat and clean and a lot of focus is on the comfortable stay of the visitors. People get all these facilities at a very reasonable price. 

●     Enjoy natural beauty closely: People can enjoy the natural beauty of villages and places of Kerala from these beautiful houseboats. The best part of hiring these boats is that they don’t rush through anything. People can enjoy the scenic beauty with peace and calmness. People can spend a lot of quality time on these boats and can enjoy all of these from the windows of their rooms. The feeling of steering through the waters and enjoying the flora and fauna is unmatched. So to closely observe nature and enjoy the beauty of the state, people should look to hire these houseboats. 

●     A large number of amenities are provided: These houseboats as the name suggests are houses that are made on the boats. So people feel like being at home while traveling. This could be the best feeling ever to travel while sleeping or sitting comfortably in your rooms. Also, these rooms are fully loaded with a large number of facilities. The rooms are fully air-conditioned, have the facility of wireless internet, are very neat and clean. A lot of attention is paid to the safety of people who rent rooms on these houseboats. These boats are designed to carry people and also baggage for long distances and are very powerfully built. The quality of the rooms is also very good, depending upon the price you pay, the facilities are provided to you accordingly. People are served delicious traditional food on these houseboats. People will get a lot of fresh fish to eat on these boats. So staying at these houseboats is very peaceful and comfortable. 

●     Lifelong memory and experience: The experience of living in rooms in a houseboat is surreal. The memories last a long time when you book a room in these houseboats. People will never forget this experience of watching the beauty of nature so closely. Also the ambiance and look after the crew members’ show is praiseworthy. The delicious food they provide with the traditional spices is finger-licking good. The houseboats carry a chef which prepares all the delicious foods. People can enjoy quality food with safe gushing through the waters. They can slowly watch nature changing its color. The natural beauty of these backwater houseboats is mind-blowing. So those who visit Kerala and plan their stay at these beautiful houseboats never forget the experience of their lifetime. 

●     Safety guaranteed: These houseboats ensure the safety of the tourists. No cases have ever been found of any accidents or so at these houseboats. People can enjoy their life away from home with ensured safety. Therefore, the benefits of hiring Alleppey houseboats are numerous and can be one of the best decisions to stay in the state of Kerala. What else can people dream of when they provide all the basic amenities with safety guaranteed and also charge for this beautiful experience at a reasonable rate. 

People can find these houseboats in Kerala very easily. The rooms available in them are very comfortable and people can enjoy watching television along with enjoying the scenic beauty. Meeting new locals learning about their culture and heritage can be an interesting experience. The houseboats are generally made up of bamboo sticks and premium quality woods. Since only natural products are used to build them they offer a very cool surrounding. The rooms are very spacious and fresh air always rushes in when people open their windows. These can be used to travel all around the backwaters of this beautiful state of Kerala. A lot of people can be accommodated on them and you can enjoy your trip along with your families and friends. Thus whenever people plan to visit Kerala they may consider staying at these beautiful houseboats. 

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