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Who already misses the Island of the Gods? But, unfortunately, the pandemic has forced us to postpone all travel plans, including the long-desired vacation to Bali.

Bali is indeed an international tourist destination whose charms never run out. However, brightbeaches, green nature, friendly people, to a lively beach club atmosphere have been missed by many people.

One of the favorite locations for tourists who come to Bali is Potato Head. This beach club, which is popular among young people, is a place to hunt for sunsets and relax. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere, many also come to take pictures at some of the instagrammable spots.

Long time no visit during the pandemic, it turns out that Potato Head Bali has long prepared a surprise for its visitors. Since the end of 2019, Potato Head Bali has transformed into a new, more impressive entity, Potato Head Village.

The Potato Head Village concept, which launched late last year, facilitates better visitors by offering the latest facilities. Not only beach clubs, now you can enjoy facilities in the form of hotels, studios, and even restaurants with sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts. This new face is a new direction for the development of hospitality in the Seminyak area

Potato Head Village is in the same location, only that now there are several additional facilities in the area. For a closer look, here’s information about Potato Head Village’s newest facility.


Potato Head Studios

The building overlooks the sea, has a natural feel and has a truly unique interior. The facilities in the room are not kidding, complete, and all environmentally friendly. For example, cleaning and skincare equipment (hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and insect repellent) that are natural and can be refilled. In addition, all furniture in the room is made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials.

Potato Head Suites

Still, in the same location, there is no doubt that this hotel building is the work of architect Andra Matin. Every element in the 57 suites available is in the best class and worth more than just its utility—all produced by local Indonesian craftsmen and handcrafted. The bricks used to build it are handmade by local craftsmen with hundreds of years of age methods!

Price: Starting from IDR 7,000,000

Note: Prices listed are the results of a search conducted on 19 June 2020 for a stay of 2 adults on 4-5 September 2020.

Beach Club and Restaurant

One thing that has not changed is that Potato Head Village still offers the atmosphere and hospitality of Potato Head Seminyak that we know. The swimming pool, the place to relax, and the sunset view are still as beautiful as they used to be

There are a total of two lounges here, namely the Potato Head Beach Club and the Academy. For restaurants, there are Kaum, Ijen, Plants, and Pizza Garden. All of them are in the Potato Head Village area. Just choose which one best suits your preferences.

Halal Status: The six restaurants here are not halal certified and serve alcoholic beverages. However, Plant only serves vegetarian food, while Ijen serves local seafood. Kaum and Pizza Garden serve non-halal menus.

Fitness center

Not just a vacation at the beach and enjoying the sunset, at Potato Head Village, you can pamper yourself and keep fit. In addition to gym and spa facilities, Potato Head Village also cultivates traditional herbal drinks as a dish to maintain the health of its guests. For those who want to stay active and exercise while on vacation, here are yoga classes and cardio exercises on the beach every morning!

Entertainment, Music, and Arts

What’s a beach club without music, and Potato Head Village is one step ahead by presenting a musical experience that is more than just a song. The music community is closely related to Potato Head, including DJs, producers, and other music artists. Therefore, Potato Head is proud to present the Wild Life Archive exhibition, a collection of memorabilia and artifacts related to the history of dance music that has previously been present in London, Los Angeles, and Germany.

Interesting Different Activities

In addition to staying and enjoying the beach atmosphere, you can also take a daily tour provided by Potato Head Village. All of the tours offered, of course, highlight local wisdom and value to the guests. Sightseeing and enjoying the traditional Balinese atmosphere, but there are also wave surfing sessions and wood carving workshops!

Before you plan a trip to Bali, be sure to read more about Bali and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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