The Top Three Advantages You Can Get from an In-Roof Solar Panel Installation

Roof-integrated systems or in-roof solar panel systems have become a popular alternative to the traditional or standard on-roof system, and for many good reasons. Unlike on-roof solar installations which require extensive installation and can take more time (and even expense in the long-run), in-roof systems are designed to become a portion of your actual roof, making them more convenient and less timely to install. What other advantages can you get from an in-roof solar panel installation? If you are still weighing the benefits of each kind of system for your needs, here are the top three advantages you can expect from an in-roof system.

  1. Easier maintenance

The thing is, you can expect your solar panels themselves to last for at least three decades – this is already a given, and already makes them a worthwhile investment. During this time, it is most likely that the roof covering will have to be either replaced or repaired. A system built on your roof will have slates or tiles that sit behind the panels, so your entire system would have to be disassembled and decommissioned before you can replace or repair a single roof tile. Therefore, the task of roof replacement or repair more difficult because it will have to be done by an expert roofing contractor along with a solar installer and even an electrician. This is not the case with in-roof systems as the panels themselves will replace a portion of your roof, so there are no tiles set up behind the solar panels. If roof repairs are required, they can be done without disturbing your solar panel system.

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  1. A more convenient installation

Fitting an on-roof solar panel system can be difficult, especially since regulations stipulate that all roof tiles should be fixed with clips or nails. If you opt for an on-roof system, you may need to break tiles so you can gain access to the structure of the roof below, and then attach brackets to fix the panels to the tiles. But in contrast, in-roof solar panels such as those from (known for being the best solar panels Manchester specialists) can be easily installed on an entirely new roof, as the solar experts can simply set up the panels as well as flashings before your roofing contractor fixes the roof covering around the panels.

  1. Avoid the infestation of birds or rodents

One of the most common problems associated with on-roof or above-roof systems is that they can often be infested by birds or rodents. It is easy for birds or rodents to shelter behind solar panels fixed on top of a roof, resulting in various problems including a lot of noise, and also the fouling of the solar panels themselves, the paths underneath the nests, and the walls. Even if you can prove your on-roof installation against birds or rodents by installing mesh and spikes around the installation’s exterior, this can make your roof and structure unsightly and less aesthetically appealing. Also, nests located below the solar panels can affect and reduce the passing of cool air behind your solar panels, which can further increase your temperature indoors and reduce your system’s energy output.

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