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One of the things that can boost your self-esteem and confidence is having smooth, glowing skin with no hair. That is why many people do not like having hair on their face, legs, arms, underarms, chest, and other body parts. To do this, you go for waxing, shaving now and then. Fortunately, Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics can help you save your time and money and ensure you retain your smooth skin through laser hair removal.

Before you go for laser hair removal treatment, some preparations are needed for great results. This includes:

  • Shaving the treatment area twenty-four to forty-eight hours before your appointment day. Shaving reduces the possibility of burn during the treatment.
  • Do not bleach your hair six weeks before your appointment to give your hair roots adequate time to grow and restore their natural color. Bleaching your hair affects your hair pigment; thus, your hair becomes hard to pick out.
  • Cease waxing and plucking four to six weeks before your appointment to avoid interfering with your hair roots, which is the target for your laser treatment.
  • Avoiding sun exposure to prevent sunburn and tanning beds to prevent skin discoloration after your treatment. Sunburn can cause your treatment to be painful, and sometimes you can develop bruises after treatment. You can use sunblock to avoid sunburn.
  • On the appointment day, avoid using any form of makeup, lotion, creams, oil, and deodorants on your treatment area. It is recommended you use soap and water to clean the treatment area. Ingredients used in beauty products may interfere with laser hair removal treatment. 
  • Inform your doctor if you are taking any medications to enable them to adapt accordingly and advise you on the best way to continue care. Some medications can cause bruises on your skin, hence interfering with your treatment.

Procedure for laser hair removal

Before the appointment day, your doctor will go over your medical history to be certain you are perfect for the procedure. Your doctor will then inform you of the treatment procedure to prepare you for it. You will be requested to inform your doctor of the hair you want to be eliminated.

During the treatment, you and your doctor will put on eyewear to protect your eyes from the light. Apart from the treatment area, clothes will cover the rest of your body.  Your doctor will focus a highly focused light beam on your skin. The light will be absorbed by your hair and help in disabling undesired hair follicles. Your doctor may advise you to go for several such treatments to remove your hair permanently.

After laser hair removal, your doctor will let you know that you may experience swelling and redness in the treatment area for a few days. Therefore your doctor may prescribe over-the-counter medicine.

Avoid exposing your treatment area to the sun for about two weeks; use sunblocks. Also, avoid imprudent heat for twenty-four hours after the treatment to help prevent scarring and pigmentation changes.

Call or book an appointment online with Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics to learn more about laser hair removal.

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