Varied Kinds of Fly Proof Screens Available in the Market

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Flies or insects are quite irritating and we use various methods to prevent them from entering our homes or work space. We try finding the best solutions to keep the insects and flies of all sizes and shape at bay. One easy and effective remedy to prevent their entry in our home or work space is to fix fly screens.

There are many kinds of them for your flexible uses like fly screens for doors and windows. There are numerous sellers of this kind of protective screens and you can find them both on online and land-based stores. Hence, you need to choose wisely to buy the best, durable and affordable screens to keep away flies and insects. You can order them directly from the manufacturers. There are best reliable makers of all kinds of flies preventing screens like Premier Screens Ltd. Visit their website to know all about their products and its features to buy without making much efforts.

Now more about fly preventing screens:

They are mostly mesh wire screen that are fixed on windows and other openings to stop insects and flies from entering the rooms. They are available in varied kinds, colours and tagged with different prices.

Varied kinds of screens to safe guard your rooms from fly infestation-

  • Retractable screens.
    • These can be fixed in places like patios, windows and doors.
    • It can retract when not in use. You can do it with the help of pulleys or a remote.
  • Sliding fixed screens.
    • As the name suggests it is meant for sliding doors and windows.
  • Hinged kind of screens.
    • They are mostly favoured in urban homes and offices as it can be fixed on small size windows and doors. Hinge frame work is used to fix the screens, thus can be opened like shutters anytime.
    • The screens are cheaper compare to retractable screens.
  • Patio covering fly preventive screens.
    • This kind of mesh patio enclosures is of larger in size to cover patios. It is highly preferred by people preferring to spend most of their time in their patios during the summer season.

The kinds of mesh used to make the screens-

  • Polypropylene or polyester:
    • It is widely used to make cost effective screens.
    • They are easy to clean and maintain.
    • The material is durable and even can resist blowing storms impact, heavy rain and remain safe from cats and dogs.
  • Stainless steel:
    • It is little expensive however long lasting, provides total security and easy to clean.
    • Mostly it is used to cover large size doors and windows.
    • This material is preferred to cover openings of offices and work place.
    • It can be coated with paint to prevent rusting and promote its appealing appearance.
  • Aluminium:

It is cheaper than stainless steel screens and are quite durable.

They don’t rust and are applicable for residential premises as well.

There are ample benefits to reap once you fix fly screens in your residential and commercial premises.

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