What Is Automation Testing?

The comparison of predictions of a test or expected results of the trial, which is done in software testing but first in software testing special software tools, are used to control the execution is called automation testing. Automation means addition in testing, which may be too difficult to perform. In the process of development, testing is a crucial phase. The test makes sure that all the problems of the product and software are screened out, and the software, hardware, and the product is function according to the expectations or near to the target set for the performance by the designer. Some tasks are too challenging to be done manually, also though they are easy enough to do. This is where automated testing comes in.

 The key advantages of automation testing are as follows:

  • The test saves a lot of time and money by making testing more efficient in an effective way.
  • By this, the testing accuracy improves compared to screening directed by humans
  • By the test, the developers find bugs and errors more quickly and solve them in no time.
  • By taking the test, the coverage increases that deploys much other software that would have been used in further steps.

People still go for manual testing at various periods during software development. Yet, this test is done by the software developer and the hardware design themselves so that they can know where the lacking is, and they correct it immediately. Extensive overall testing will later be done after a bunch of minor changes or a significant change has been made to a product.

Automated software testing is essential due to many reason that will be discuss in brief.

Automated software testing is necessary due to the following reasons:

  • In the way of manual Testing of all workflows, all fields, all negative scenarios are time and money consuming
  • It is difficult to test for multi-lingual sites manually
  • Automation does not require human intervention. You can run automated test unattended (overnight)
  • Automation increases the speed of test execution
  • Automation helps increase Test Coverage
  • Manual Testing can become tedious and hence, error-prone.

There is a lot of ways by which automation testing is done, and some of the main once which are graphical user interface testing and API driven testing is mention below. 

  • Graphical User Interface Testing. It is the testing of the framework that is generated by the user interface events such as mouse clicks and by keystrokes, then one has to observe the changes that result in the user interface.
  • API Driven Testing. It is a testing framework that uses a programming interface to validate the behavior of the undertaking test. The test can also be for testing public interfaces to libraries, class, offices, security rooms, modules with a variety of input arguments to validate the results and get corrections. Such a test makes the next steps of the processing easy, and one cannot take much time in going and taking such checks as it is fast and not time-consuming.
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