What To Do If You Find A Wasp Nest In Your House

Have you discovered a hornet’s nest in your house or garden? With the arrival of high temperatures, its appearance is more and more abundant. If you want to eliminate a wasp nest, you can resort to insecticides or burn the wasp nest.

With the arrival of the heat, the wasps arrive, those annoying insects whose sting is excruciating and can cause dangerous allergic reactions in some people. Wasps are insects that belong to the group of insects called Hymenoptera and, in particular, to the vespers’ family. Most Hymenoptera are a solitary species, but a minority form societies that work together to accumulate food reserves and care for their larvae.

If you don’t want to call a professional one time wasp removal service, here are a series of tips and homemade tricks to scare off wasps. Be careful, but if you decide to do it, do it without fear!

  • Burn the Wasp Nest

One of the most effective options to eliminate a wasp nest is to burn the nest. The procedure is straightforward. First, you must locate all the wasp nests and wait until dusk or dawn, since these are the times of day when they have the least activity and, therefore, they will not be able to fly as quickly and agilely, and it will be easier to eliminate them.

Once you have located the community, prepare a cotton torch, and soak it with burning alcohol. Then, you will light it and throw it over the nest very carefully.

  • Spray the nest with a hose

Another, perhaps less effective, option is to use a hose at high pressure to spray the wasp nest and drown the wasps. And as with the previous method, you should operate sunset or sunrise to avoid any sting. Once your nest is filled with water, the wasps will not be able to leave and will die.

Another alternative would be to fill a container with water and soap and then throw it into the nest. The foam does not allow the wasps to move their wings, preventing them from flying, and then causes them to drown subsequently.

●     Chase them away with smoke

Another way to get rid of a nest is by using smoke, although this technique will only be a deterrent, and they are very likely to come back.

Keep in mind that this method is only recommended for nests suspended in the air, hanging from trees, branches, etc. And it is not recommended at all for nests that are close to your house, since you could cause a small fire by accident.

●     Use insecticides

If you decide to use insecticides to kill the wasps, you must make sure that no children or your pet will come near them for at least 24 hours. Since pesticides to kill wasps are extremely strong and poisonous, be very careful! We also recommend that you collect and dispose of all wasps to prevent your pet from eating them and becoming poisoned.

●     Use a vacuum cleaner

Do you want to use a more natural method to destroy a wasp nest? Use a vacuum cleaner long enough to reach the nest. Make sure the vacuum cleaner has a screen small enough to prevent the wasps from escaping.

When using any of these methods, remember to be well protected and keep all access to your home closed to keep them out. If none of these options convince you, call a professional service for one-time wasp removal.

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