What to Do If Your Air Conditioner is Not Used for Few Months?

In general, today’s air conditioning systems are made to last. Numerous are meant to compete decades, as well as are anticipated to run daily for months at once. As long as your AC unit remains in great working problem on the whole, and gets the maintenance it needs, it’s not likely to experience any type of troubles if it’s off for just a couple of months.

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Actually, this is a normal operating expectation for air conditioners, almost nobody needs AC year-round. 

Nevertheless, there are still a couple of points you need to understand if you’re about to transform your Air Conditioning off for the season, or if you’re about to start it up for the first time.

Safety measures to take prior to as well as after your AC rests extra

Amongst the only problems that do affect unused AC is a build-up of dirt in the system or accumulation of debris outside.

If you have to do with turn it on after it’s been extra for a few months, here’s what to do initially:

  • Walk outdoors and look at the compressor system, the huge outdoors device. Is there any accumulation of debris around it? Any kind of weeds growing onto it? Or any type of other indicators that something could be blocking it? Remove the debris prior to proceeding. Do not open up the unit.
  • Are you approximately date on upkeep? The air conditioning system needs to obtain a maintenance call a minimum of yearly, two times a year in extreme settings. If you didn’t do upkeep last period, obtain it done prior to you start it up. The “best company near me” can assist.
  • Run the AC in fan mode initially. Activate simply the fan setting on your thermostat as well as allow it to blow for a strong setting of 10 minutes. This will assist to obtain any dust out of the system before you turn it on cool.

At the end of the period, if you will turn it off for a couple of months, you should also take a pair of steps:

  • Run it on the fan just for 60 minutes to remove the system
  • This is additionally a good time to capture up on upkeep

Under normal conditions, this is all you need to do as well as the Air Conditioner can rest unused. Yet that may not hold true if it needs repair work.

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