What you need to know about American Home Warranty

When you purchase a house, either second-hand or new, it is advantageous if you are given a home warranty. American home warranty plans act as a safety net that takes care of home systems and appliances’ maintenance and repairs. Investing in reasonable home warranties assures quality maintenance and corrections of faulty systems without incurring unnecessary expenses. American Home warranty policies are exciting safety nets, but not everyone would be eligible for them. It is important if you did a thorough evaluation before settling on whether to purchase it or not.

Is Home Warranty the Same as Home Insurance?

Home insurance and home warranty are two different things. Although a home warranty is a safety net for home system repairs, it can never replace home insurance. Why? Home insurance refers to the plans used to protect a homeowner financially in case of future unpredictable damages and calamities, e.g., windstorms and fire.  A home warranty is a safety policy that caters foal all the repairs and replacement of home appliances and systems as they age. You will use a home warranty to repair your broken dishwasher, but you can’t claim compensation in case of fire.

Who Benefits from American Home Warranty Plans?

Every party involved in the selling and buying of homes benefits from a home warranty policy. These include the buyer agents, listing agents, buyer, and seller. Having an American home warranty, a seller can enjoy cost-free repairs incase of appliance breakdown during the marketing period. A buyer has confidence when purchasing a home with a home warranty, since incase of failure, they can get timely services. Both listing agents improve their public reputations. Additionally, through legit home warrants, clients are happy, and they benefit the agents through referrals, increasing their sales and profit.

Advantages of Having a Home Warranty

It’s everyone’s dream to buy a premium home in a peaceful neighborhood in America. However, despite having the best home appliance and system breakdown are common phenomena, reasons why you need to get a home warranty. Having a home warranty, you got 100% peace of mind.  You can’t have a precise prediction of when the appliance will breakdown, so when that time comes, a home warranty assures you of getting professional help comfortably.

For first-time homeowners, an American home warranty helps you get professional assistance in understanding how to use and operate various home systems. Budgeting is critical for smooth home operations. Therefore, with a home warranty, you have a chance to do financial planning such that sudden system failure won’t be nightmares to you during repairs. Having a home warranty, you take care of the unnecessary extra repair costs which arise anytime regardless if you are financially stable or not.

Home warranties give buyers confidence when buying a home if they don’t comprehend its installation. Additionally, a home warranty protects people who invest in costly premium appliances and systems. In case you can’t get an emergency fund, home warrant policies can be used as a buffer for the time being.


Home appliances and system breakdowns are common as they age. No one can predict when such occurrences will happen; thus, having an American home warranty would be a better option to settle the repair and maintenance costs. 


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