When Do You Need Acute Care Surgery?

Surgery usually comes as the last treatment option for most health conditions. However, in some conditions, surgery may be the only practical option. Surgery provides a comprehensive diagnosis and treatments to manage and relieve different health issues.

Some health conditions may require immediate surgical care to give the best outcome. Upper East Side acute care surgery specialists at the Surgical Specialists of NY provide immediate surgical care to relieve your health issue. Schedule your consultation today to understand more about acute care surgery.

What is acute care surgery?

It is a medical specialty in surgical medicine that provides emergency surgical care for critical care and trauma. Surgical Specialists of NY consist of highly qualified surgeons, experts in acute care surgery and critical care.

The surgeons specializing in acute care surgery have the knowledge and training to make fast and accurate surgery and patient care decisions.

You can access acute care surgery with the Surgical Specialists of NY at the Lenox Hill Hospital located on 100 E77th Street in Manhattan.

What are the conditions that may need acute care surgery?

The team at Surgical Specialists of NY offers acute care surgery to address different health concerns. The following conditions may require instant surgical involvement.


The appendix is the small pouch on the large intestine found at the lower right side of your abdomen. Appendicitis causes inflammation and swelling of the appendix, which leads to sharp and extreme abdominal pain.

When not treated, the swollen appendix may burst, causing a life-threatening situation. Surgical Specialists of NY provides compressive acute care surgery as the only appendicitis treatment.

Intestinal obstructions

It interferes with your intestines, restricting the food and waste movement through the gastrointestinal tract. Intestinal obstructions can also pierce the bowel, allowing the leakage of contents into the abdominal cavity. The situation may put you at risk of infection.

The team at Surgical Specialists of NY performs acute care surgery to retrieve the blockage and restore any intestinal damages.


It is the inflammation of the diverticula. Diverticula are the small pouches that grow along the large intestine wall. Acute care surgery is appropriate for diverticulitis when you have perforation, severe infection, or recurring disease cases.

Perforated ulcers

These are holes in the stomach or the duodenum, the first part of your small intestine. Perforated ulcers require emergency surgery.

What to expect during your acute care surgery procedure?

You can expect to receive patient-centered care from the team at the Surgical Specialists of NY. They take their time to enlighten and advise you about your diagnosis and surgical concerns.

The surgical experts are passionate about medicine and approach surgery along with the many tools they apply to help their patients.

Contact an acute care surgery specialist today

Most people view surgery as a severe and complicated medical treatment making them afraid. Unfortunately, there are times when surgery is your only treatment option, leaving you without a choice.

The Surgical Specialists of NY are experts in various surgical procedures, including acute care surgery, and guarantee excellent results. Schedule your consultation today to learn more.

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