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If you think someone you know has a marijuana addiction, you are probably wondering where to turn for help. You may even be wondering how to tell if they are addicted to weed. There are several symptoms of a marijuana addict:

  • Tolerance – more of the drug is needed to reach the same high
  • Continuing to use the drug, despite the negative impact it causes
  • Regularly using marijuana, especially more than planned
  • Financial problems, stemming from overspending on the drug
  • Neglecting obligations at school or work to make more time to use marijuana
  • Need to use marijuana to feel relaxed
  • Withdrawal when not using marijuana. Withdrawal symptoms may include – insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and loss of appetite.

If someone you know has become addicted and needs rehabilitation for marijuana, there are treatment options available. Keep reading for more information.

Choosing a Marijuana Rehabilitation Center

If someone you love needs marijuana rehab, you are probably wondering what treatment in a rehab center would look like. Several steps would take place at a marijuana rehabilitation center. While all treatment centers are notthe same, the general treatment would include the following:

  • Assessment – An individual assessment will be done to determine the unique needs of the person with marijuana addiction. An individual treatment plan will be formulated to help him, or her overcome the addiction for good.
  • Supervised Detox – all rehab programs include a medically supervised detox. This process will allow the person to become drug-free over a safe amount of time under the careful supervision of a medical team. Once the body is clear of all drugs, the rest of the rehab treatment can begin.
  • Education and rehab – Marijuana rehabilitation will require many types of therapy. The addict is likely to participate in individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, art and music therapy, and physical movement therapy. These therapies will help the person understand the cause of the addiction and ultimately, how to overcome it for good. All marijuana rehabilitation centers will also provide relapse prevention education and well as coping techniques. These tools are vital to defeat a marijuana addiction.
  • Continuing care – even after the person leaves a center, rehab will continue. Special care must be taken to avoid relapse. Options are available like sober living homes and alumni meeting groups. Each specific rehab center will provide after-care options after completion of the rehab program.

Rehabilitation for Marijuana Addicts

Addiction is a heartbreaking problem that faces many Americans. The good news is that marijuana addiction is not impossible to overcome. It will not be an easy road, but with the right marijuana rehab center, recovery is possible. Sometimes, getting away from the pressures of family, friends, and jobs can help with the healing process. Outpatient and inpatient treatment programs at United Recovery Project in Florida welcomes those suffering in other Cities and States and are available at any time. Click here for more information.

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