Why It Is Very Important To Use The Paid Service Instead Of The Free Service

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At present most of the people like to use free service than paid one. It is because the free service helps them to get each and everything at free of cost. So, people no need to pay out a single amount or cash. Therefore free service has become more popular among people. But free service is not more benefit when compared to pay one. It provides only limited features due to the lack of revenue. The company provides income in the method of banner advertisements by promoting services and products to the customers. Where the paid service makes steady income from their trustworthy base of customers. This is one of the main differences between free and paid service. 

If you want to get Green Card Lottery it is highly beneficial to get Green card lottery which is a paid service. You can apply for Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery online so that you can live as well as work in the US permanently. Officially the Green card lottery is called as Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery. Millions of people from all over the world are having Green card. Applying for the Green Card lottery is so simple and easy. You need to charge only for the legal immigration expertise as well as professional service. An individual can reap more benefits by having Green card. 

Benefits of having a green card:

Getting the US Green card is an essential thing which brings more benefits. If you are a Green card holder then you can become a US citizen. All the candidates must have a green card before applying for US citizen. The advantages of applying for Green card lottery are mentioned below:

  • The person who has green card can able to support relative to apply for their own green card. Keep in mind that the family member must be a relative such as a spouse, parents, and children under 21 years. Even it allows immediate relative under the category of Family Preference. 
  • You can live in any states of US 
  • You can leave and enter the US anytime you need 
  • In order to pursue an education, you can apply for financial sponsorship. 
  • By having the Green card you can start your own business 
  • Many colleges and universities charge out high tuition fees. With the help of Green card you can are considered as an in-state resident so that you can save cash on college fees. 
  • Another main reason of having a Green card is a better career chance. You are free to live and work in US if you have Green card in United States. Youngsters will get better career opportunities. Moreover one can start their own business and become an entrepreneur. 
  • If you have a green card you can get health and life insurance in the US without any hassle 
  • You can purchase a car and own property as well. 
  • If you work more than 10 years in the US, then the Green card enables you to receive Social Security advantages. 
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