Why Same-Day Dental Crowns Are the Best Way to Improve Your Smile

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If you require a crown without having to wait for a long time, you now have the option. Alta Canyada Dental Group offers Glendale same day crown treatments and does the procedure in record time. You will go home in the evening with your crown in place. Same-day crowns remain in place as your dentist works on the permanent ones, which you will receive in a week or two.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a teeth cover, which hides some blemishes that make you self-conscious. A dental crown has many functions; some of them include:

·         Cover your tooth, which may be unsightly

·         Improves tooth strength

·         Protects your teeth from further damage, especially after you have had a root canal

·         Most patients also receive a crown to help them deal with weakened teeth

With a dental crown, you get refurbished and new teeth that feel and function like the real thing, improving your ability to eat and talk. Same-day crowns are those your dentist fits in your mouth to help you manage while you wait for the permanent ones. Additionally, same-day crowns quickly help you regain your smile.

What are same-day dental crowns?

The Alta Canyada Dental Unit offers a CEREC, a 1-day crown made of hard clay blocks with strings or tight fittings. Ceramic or resin tiles are durable materials that withstand the resistance of hidden movements witnessed in other crown materials. One-day crowns also look like natural tooth enamel, both in color and in how they reflect light. These qualities allow the one-day crown to blend into your smile and at the same time improve your oral health.

What are the characteristics of Same-day dental crowns?

This crown is unique because it gives the doctor a chance to create permanent crowns and adjust their fit for your mouth. Usually, when you get dental crowns, your dentist must polish them to help make them fit into your oral structure to make your smile beautiful. Therefore, after having a scan, the crowns must go to an outside lab. External designers, those making the crowns, take several weeks to complete the work on your new crowns. At this stage, you need to wear the one-day crown for a while and return to the Alta Canyada Dental Association in a second appointment to have the permanent ones fitted. However, your second appointment will be a short one, with the permanent crowns on standby.

What is the process of getting a one-day crown?

Dr. Beck scrapes the enamel of your teeth to create a digital image of your entire mouth. He then inserts the scanned images into a machine called CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) in his office. CEREC creates the crown, made from ceramic, while you wait in a dental chair. The entire process from start to finish takes two hours, after which you leave the office with a cheerful smile.

A dental crown can add that spark to your smile. With the help of Alta Canyada Dental Group, you can have the structures in position. Call the center for your structures or book your spot online to begin your journey to a better smile.

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