Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer Even if You Agree on Everything

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If you are in the middle of a divorce, you want to ensure your divorce is done properly and completely to avoid unexpected issues later. That is why you want to have an attorney even if you and your spouse agree on everything. You and your spouse may not know what must be included in the divorce agreement. It is not enough to agree to split everything, especially in terms of the time with your kids. You must include a detailed parenting time schedule, provisions about life insurance beneficiaries, specifics about spousal support and child support, and other issues. And a divorce attorney can hold your spouse accountable in court should they try to back on their word. 

Your Lawyer Will Make Sure You Truly Agree on Everything

You and your spouse may agree to split up your debt and sell your home and split the proceeds. Also, you may agree on the amount of alimony and parenting time or child support. However, there might be some issues your attorney can raise before you could finalize an agreement. For instance, you probably didn’t think about whether you must each have a life insurance policy to cover your child support obligations when one of your dies. What about how the child support and alimony would be paid when this happens? Did you consider your children’s college costs or how to split up your retirement benefits? And even if you have agreed to split 50/50, did you know the intricacies and complex laws surrounding retirement asset divisions? This means that even if you agree on everything, you probably haven’t thought of everything. A great divorce attorney will ensure you take into account things you would not ordinarily think of. 

Your Attorney Will Help You Draft the Divorce Agreement

Aside from coming to an agreement on the terms of your divorce, you need to properly draft the legal documents necessary to get a divorce in Wilmington. Your attorney will draft the settlement agreement in the appropriate form. They make sure you identify all of the terms and understand the consequences of your agreement. Also, your attorney will ensure your case gets before a judge. 

Although you can make your own divorce agreement, remember that this agreement will govern your rights and obligations in the future. A single misplaced word in this agreement may lead to unintended consequences down the road. An experienced Wilmington divorce attorney is trained in legal writing and analysis and will draft the agreement properly. And if you want to create your own divorce agreement, your lawyer can review it before you sign it.