How to reduce moving day stress with Nuss Removals?

A moving day without stress – ever heard of that? No matter where the final location is, the whole process of moving causes a lot of stress. Most choose professionals like Nuss Removals to help with the process. Others go for self-move, which causes a unique set of problems. Either way, moving is stressful. But you can reduce it with the following tips.

Start early

Packing all your things is no joke. And if you do that late – trust me, it will lead to all sorts of stress. Of course, you may have reasons to put it off for another time. But make sure that you schedule the packing process and do it before the big day. For starters, determine the number of days you have before the moving day and regularly pack.

List it out

Some find the process of listing everything in their homes to be the most annoying task. But it saves you from a huge amount of stress and confusion as you near the big day. Whether you use excel for the list or paper-pencil way, do it as you like. The main reason for listing to track your progress as you pack your things. Also, you will not find it difficult when searching through your stuff.

Mark your boxes

You can give each box a number for identification. But don’t stop there. Try to code the items to where they should go. You can code the boxes using simple terms like ‘bedroom’ on the box that contains the stuff of that room. Or else, you can try to color-code them – each room has a specific color.

You can label each room of the new place with the label on the boxes during the moving day. This way, the movers will know where to place your luggage without any hassle.


As years roll by, things start to accumulate in your home, with no one noticing it. So, when you start packing, you will realize the sudden increase in the things you own. This is one of the reasons why early packing is advised. When you start packing and sorting out early, you can also start the decluttering process. Remove what you don’t need from your stuff. You can either donate or sell your old stuff. But make sure that you remove it from your necessary things.

Don’t think of packing and bringing your old stuff into the new place. This will result in a loss of time, money, and energy.

Keep an essential bag or box.

Even on the moving day, you will be using some things. This means that not everything can get packed into boxes. So, prepare an essential bag or box to keep all the necessary things at hand. It can be cleaning supplies, toiletries, change of clothes, medications, or anything you need immediately.

After you move into your new place, you will not be able to unpack everything immediately. So, prepare this essential bag according to your needs and preferences.

Forget stress with professional help!

Indeed, you cannot completely remove moving day stress. But you can minimize it with the above tips. One of the easiest and the best ways to do it is – hire the best removal company. If you are searching for the best people, contact Nuss Removals – the removalists Sydney residents trust.

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