10 Iron Rules Korean Series Why are people addicted to Korean series?

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In fact, it’s like this: deep kiss, sad kiss, playful kiss, there are all kinds, so let’s look at the factors one by one that make us addicted to Korean series. And feel that Korean dramas are good and inviting to watch today you will know the reason.

Why are people addicted to Korean series?

1. It is a drama that is tied to a story. It’s real life It is tied to family, love, friends, girlfriend and most importantly, making a living. Or that profession

2. The working life of the characters in Korean movies not just telling the hero, heroine, what career, then the story has nothing to do with that career again.

3. Many Korean dramas, he delves into his career seriously or his work life is the main story in the story at once, such as the career of a doctor, a policeman, a lawyer, etc. He always inserts good ideas. In life, in the dialogue, smooth insertion into the story. Not so overpowered that it looks too intentional.

4. The life of the character whether it’s love or work, it often shows seriousness, decisiveness, and determination. They hit each other very little. What you will like most is the female-male role. There use to be a lot of reverence for each other. They hug, kiss, and when they love each other very much.

5. The drama has not many characters. But there is content to invite you to follow all the time. Showing skill in writing scripts, soundtracks and background music, is another story that makes Thai people stick around the house all over the city. Until now, it’s probably been 3-4 years that the Korean series has been popular in Thailand. There are always loud songs from various stories. The exact information is unknown. But as far as you will notice, he has many songs and background music that go with the mood of the drama throughout the movie. It’s probably a new song and accompaniment for each drama. Not to pick from an existing music album. (Like any country)

6. Make-up performer’s costume He made it look natural. Women don’t paint their mouths. Draw eyes until look over including the clothes, they look neat, a lot (maybe because of the cold weather), and the advantage is that the view is very beautiful.

7 Iron Rules Korean Series

1. The person who is the most handsome in the story is Rong.

2. Likewise Don’t be too good Otherwise, he will become a “priest”

3. When you will ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี you will see that the heroine will be beautiful like a home. Clumsy or a little er, if it’s beautiful, perfect, perfect, elegant, national. Clan will be jealous.

4. In the hero’s family, there must be at least one relative of the hero who disagrees with the hero’s love for the heroine. (The number of dissenting relatives increases with the severity of the story.)

5. Must have a friend of the heroine or hero, but most of them are friends of the heroine Keep making hilarious jokes in the story. These friends always come in pairs. And eventually will end up on their own.

6. The heroine’s parents are often more difficult than the heroine. Or is it the one person who makes the heroine’s life difficult, never ends?

7. There is almost no story where the heroine is in good standing. Especially better than the protagonist.

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