4 Proper Etiquettes When Wearing Necklaces

Necklaces can be very pretty and make any outfit shine.  You may notice that when wearing womens necklaces Australia is not far behind, and in fact, a lot of Australian women are up to date on the latest fashion trends, including jewellery.  Necklaces compliment you and your style if used correctly.  Of course, necklaces, whether fine or fashion jewellery, are made as personal adornments, and no matter how beautiful they are, they don’t always fit into any outfit, occasion or style. 

Necklaces can glam up any outfit, and in fact it has become an essential to some.  But since not all goes well with each other, there are things that you should consider before putting on that favourite necklace of yours.


Every occasion has certain dress codes and it is important to know if your chosen necklace is appropriate. 

  • Party – Parties are mostly laid back so you can go with any outfit and any accessory you like.  You can be adventurous by putting on some bling or stick with your simple classic ones.  It all depends on your mood and style; the important thing is you wear them with confidence so they can stand out.  If you like to be fun and opt to go for the big, unique pieces that you have, go ahead!  Just make sure not to overdo it.
  • Formal – Formal occasions call for your classy, glamorous and sophisticated side.  It is during these occasions that you can flaunt your collection of fine jewellery, including your grandmother’s heirloom.  Bring out your diamonds, pearls, and your other precious stones.  You may want to layer some of your necklaces but to a certain limit.  It has to complement and not compete with your dress and overall look.
  • Office – Of course you may wear necklaces in the office.  Since it is a professional environment, clothes have strict dress codes, however, necklaces bring out the beauty out of your ordinary office attire. Opt for the modest ones that do not ask for too much attention especially from your boss. 
  • Everyday – Now here is where you can wear whatever necklace you like.  Your fashion speaks of your taste and character, and your necklaces add a touch of flair to any of your OOTDs. Do not be afraid to experiment on new ones and create your own style.

The neckline of your blouse or dress is an important consideration in choosing your necklace.  Necklaces come in various lengths and thickness, and it should help draw attention and emphasise your neckline.  There are two basic rules that you have to keep in mind: one is that, if your neckline is open, your necklace should fill-in the space, and two, if you already have a high neckline, you have to consider the kind of design that just balances the top.  And if your neckline already has too many details, there might be no need to wear a necklace.

Do note that if you are not confident with your match, you may always opt for small pendants; they go well with most necklines.


Do you want to do your hair up or down?  Your hairstyle is part of your entire look, so your necklace should complement that too.  If you have long hair that’s falling down your shoulders, it might not be such a good idea to wear layers upon layers of long necklaces.


Necklaces are made of different materials, may it be metals, wood, clay, cloth.  Added to these are touches of colourful stones, gems, or other types of beads and pendants.  It is important to choose necklaces that go well with the colour of your clothes.  The reason for wearing necklaces after all is to complete and complement your overall look, not to battle with the colours and elements of your entire OOTD.

Swearing by these tips, you can now feel confident in wearing necklaces.  They are a good way to express one’s individuality and wearing them right makes you look and feel good all the time.

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