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People doing a scientific study of landforms, their processes, including form and sediments on the earth’s surface often deal with drainage systems. Also known as river systems, they show patterns formed by rivers, streams and lakes in a specific drainage basin.

Experts create a map of this relationship of land to the different bodies of water because it is an extremely useful tool in the areas of construction, agriculture and a lot more. That said, if you’re planning to construct a building for business purposes, you might as well get hold of and start studying a drainage map.

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 The Purpose of Drainage Systems

You might wonder what would you use a drainage map for when erecting a building? Well, the purpose of a drainage map is to give people – most importantly the builders, valuable information for instance, where the rainfall naturally flows over the land and downstream to a precise watercourse.

Drainage systems are primarily put in place to remove excess water during the construction phase. Excess water could come from rainwater, floodwater and various kinds of runoff.

So, before the building construction starts, the workers will know how and where to put the drainage system so that when it rains, the system will serve as a funnel to collect all the water and then channel that water to a single point where it can do no harm to people and the building itself. In other words, the drainage map will keep your building and its occupants safe. Likewise, these systems are designed to remove wastewater and this is now what we call the sewer system.

If the building has proper drainage, it will keep the area under the building dry so you don’t have to worry about water build up if and when there’s heavy flow. Aside from preserving the value of the building fabric, a dry space is also a healthy environment for habitation.

Think of the kind of business that can give you revenues for this underground space – sports or leisure and recreation complex. With a drainage system, your structure will have proper collection and removal of waste so that sanitation and hygiene will be maintained.

As you know, water can infiltrate all structures even through the smallest crevice. Building drainage acts like a blanket that protects your walls against humidity. When dams are filled to the brim, the serious consequences are unimaginable.

Think of this, with a drainage system around your building, excess water can be channelled elsewhere where the effect will be less harmful. And severe structural damage especially in the basement areas could be prevented. Consult your trusted blocked drains plumber in Summer Hill if you still have doubts.

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