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Given that you can only come back through the unborn, it is best to take care of your offspring before and after birth. Therefore, before conceiving through natural processes or in vitro fertilization (IVF), both partners should book an appointment for genetic testing. For Winter Park genetic testing, the Center for Reproductive Medicine offers on-site genetic testing to identify inherited orders.

What Does Genetic Testing Reveal?

The Center for Reproductive Medicine offers genetic testing to help you identify probable genetic factors that could influence your pregnancy or overall health. In addition, genetic testing protects the unborn from physical and cognitive infirmities.

The Center for Reproductive Medicine performs different tests to pinpoint the specific genetic disorder. Most genetic testing procedures are administered to test for:

§  Sickle cell anemia- Entails genetic disorders affecting your hemoglobin, responsible for transporting red blood cells through the body. If untreated, sickle cell anemia distorts red blood cells into a crescent shape to improve your vulnerability to persistent pain and infections.

§  Cystic fibrosis- In the case of cystic fibrosis, your mucus glands are highly vulnerable. If left unchecked, cystic fibrosis causes progressive damage in the respiratory system and chronic digestive issues limiting your life’s quality.

§  Fragile X Syndrome- Is responsible for developmental issues like behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and mental retardation.

§  Tay-Sachs disease- Manifests after the progressive destruction of nerve cells in your spinal cord and brain. The inherited disorder can make your infant lose motor skills like sitting up, walking and improve his/her vulnerability to premature death in childhood.

Who Needs Genetic Testing?

If you have symptoms of conditions related to genetic changes, you should consider booking a genetic testing appointment at the Center for Reproductive Medicine. Also, when pregnant, consider genetic testing to address concerns about passing genetic disorders to the unborn.

The Center for Reproductive Medicine houses a qualified team offering in-office genetic testing to improve your fertility. In addition, if undergoing IVF, your provider may recommend genetic testing to examine genetic abnormalities before the embryo implantation.

Your provider at the Center for Reproductive Medicine determines the most appropriate genetic test based on the purpose for screening and your medical history.

What to Expect at the Center for Reproductive Medicine?

If you visit the Center for Reproductive Medicine for genetic testing, your provider takes time to offer more information about your treatment plan. The practice also offers on-site blood draws and testing to deliver effective results in the shortest time possible.

Your doctor may use a cheek swab to collect cells from inside your mouth to complete the genetic testing. If pregnant, amniocentesis is the most recommended form of genetic screening that involves collecting a sample of the amniotic fluid.

After the screening, your fertility specialist sends the collected samples to a medical lab for detailed evaluation. The team discusses your results and additional concerns in the follow-up appointment to determine the best way forward.

Other Services Offered at the Center for Reproductive Medicine

Apart from genetic testing, you may visit the practice for:

§  Female infertility

§  Miscarriages

§  In-vitro fertilization

§  Male infertility

§  IUI

§  Egg freezing

§  Fertility preservation

§  Fertility test

§  Micromanipulation

§  Fertility test

§  Fertility medication

§  HSG

§  Genetic testing

§  Egg donor

Wrap Up

If you have concerns about unpleasant conditions that may pass to the unborn, you should perform genetic testing beforehand. To learn more about genetic testing and conditions highlighted above, contact the Center for Reproductive Medicine to book an appointment.

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