5 Proven Tips for Managing Spider Veins

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Spider veins are small visible veins right under your skin’s surface as an indication of a possible underlying venous disease. As the name suggests, these veins make a spider web pattern on your skin and vary in color. You can experience some burning, itching, and discomfort besides unattractive appearance if you have this condition. That is why you need to seek medical attention to be assisted in managing the symptoms. Experts at Vascular Specialists who help patients with spider veins in Evergreen Park can help you manage your condition. Besides, the following five proven tips can help you manage your spider veins.

  1.     Seek Sclerotherapy Treatment

This is one of the primary treatment options for spider veins that involves a saline solution inserted into your veins to irritate them and make them collapse. This makes the veins not visible on your skin. However, the injection is done per vein, where you receive an infusion for every spider vein. This procedure is quick and painless as it is just like a prick of the needle. However, you can experience some side effects, including swelling, redness, stinging, and bruising. Be sure to talk to your provider for the necessary information about the procedure.

  1.     Go for a Surface Laser Treatment

If you are sensitive to needles or you are allergic to the saline solution in the sclerotherapy treatment, you can consider a surface laser treatment as an alternative. The therapy involves intense beams of light being sent through your skin to the veins to make them fade and disappear. The procedure lasts roughly 20 minutes, and you may experience some minor pain or discomfort due to the laser’s high temperature. However, as you consider this option, it is good to consult your provider as it is not fit for every patient. This is because the laser can permanently discolor your skin.

  1.     Avoid Inhibiting Circulation in Your Legs

The veins in your legs have difficulty working to carry back the blood to your heart against gravity. Certain behaviors can make this more challenging and make the veins strained and enlarged, so they become visible under your skin. Therefore, you need to be careful and avoid anything that will cause such symptoms. For instance, you can avoid staying in the same position for a long time.

  1.     Check on Your Foot Wear

Wearing comfortable shoes is a step towards managing the spider veins. Your feet are essential to the circulation in the entire leg, and there are particular types of shoes that can inhibit blood flow, causing the spider veins to be visible. Therefore, it would help if you avoid high heels as they put extra pressure on your leg and thigh boots, particularly knee-length boots, as they can constrict your legs.

  1.     Take Care of Your Skin

You can sustain your feet health, which helps protect the underneath veins reducing the chances of spider veins appearing. You can wear sunscreen, as it protects you from the sun’s rays that can damage and weaken your skin, making the veins below more apparent. You can also keep your skin moisturized to improve its elasticity and appearance, reducing the spider veins’ chances of showing up.

With the above measures, you can manage your spider veins complication or prevent it from worsening or reoccurring. You can do much, and your provider at Vascular Specialists is the best person to guide you and advise you accordingly.

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