5 Ways to Reduce Home Theft and Home Invasion

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They say that a home is where the heart is, and that is very true. Home is where we keep all our valuables. The physical ones, in addition to the metaphorical ones.

Keeping items such as cash and jewellery in the house can attract danger in the form of burglaries. While losing your precious items to a home invasion can be vexing, putting yourself in danger because of it is foolhardy.

There are many ways to discourage potential thieves from targeting your home. Here are some tips to keep your home and yourself safe.

Install a Security System

Every house should be equipped with some form of a home security system. As technology improves, there are more and more options you can obtain to fortify your home.

Getting a CCTV system in place is the first and most basic line of defence. It allows you to monitor your home even when you are away, giving you peace of mind that all is well. Besides, it also gives you video proof of wrongdoing. It may even help to apprehend robbers should your home be invaded.

It is also good to have motion sensors installed. These can come paired with alarms or lights. Both of which can alert you to danger and scare off thieves.

Have a Guard Dog

Guard dogs are a traditional form of home security. Not only can they be loving pets for you and your family, but they can also help to keep your home safe. It is ideal to have your dog trained from a young age to respond appropriately to intruders. Letting your dog attend a puppy school is a good start to accomplish this goal.

Put up signs warning that you have a guard dog. This acts as an extra deterrent against burglars.

Lock Up

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is something people tend to forget. Regardless of how short the period you step out for, always lock up behind you. You might want to spring for smart locks, which allow you to lock up remotely from your phone.

It is much more convenient than traditional locks and gives you an extra layer of safety. The system will also inform you when the code is used.

You should also keep expensive items and other important documentation separately in a safe. This is another form of protection and can help to buy time should someone successfully intrude into your property. Forced entry into some saves can also trigger alarms.

Stay Vigilant

Always be careful with your valuables. Never place them where they can easily be seen, such as left lying around on tables. This suggests that you are careless with your things and are an easy target.

Be wary of strangers who knock at your door; be they telemarketers or otherwise. They may very well be casing out your home. Do not let strangers know when you will be home or away. It is prudent to have a doorbell camera so you can know who is at the door before you answer. It can also tell you if someone rings your door when you are away.

Meanwhile, consider keeping your valuables in a safety deposit box at a bank. Get to know what is covered by your home insurance to ensure you have all contingencies planned for.

Vacation Smart

Make friends with your neighbours and enlist their help when you go on vacation. Get them to check on your house to ensure nothing is amiss when you are gone. Things like collecting mail and subscriptions should not be neglected.

These are sure signs that the house is empty and potentially unguarded. Have lights programmed to go on and off at scheduled times to sell the illusion that someone is at home. Never let strangers know about your vacation plans.


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