Four reasons why artificial grass is a winner

Most people have had to mow a lawn at some point in their lives. And of those people who have mowed, most have probably done it many more times than just once. And, to take things further, it is probably a safe bet to say that of these people with mowing experience, for most it is probably viewed more like a chore than as fun or memorable task. Yes, mowing the grass is one of the last things that most people want to do on the weekend – yet chances are there are millions of people who will be mowing their grass over the next couple of weekends. So, if mowing and lawn maintenance is seen as such a chore, why are lawns still so popular – especially when there are viable alternatives around. We are talking, of course, about synthetic grass or Astroturf. There are many reasons why you should consider plumping for this as an option in your garden. Here are a few of those reasons.

No need for mowing and maintenance

We have already made the point that mowing, and lawn maintenance, are nasty chores that most people don’t fancy. So, why not do away with it and give yourself the gift of free time. The installation of synthetic turf products means that almost instantly you are saving both time and money. Yes, there is a cost to install the lawn, but thereafter you are home free. No need for fertilizer or water or lawnmowers or garden services. Your weekend can suddenly be filled with doing the things that you want to do, rather than the things that you need to do.

Health issues

For many people, the grass is a big issue when it comes to allergies. Hay-fever and skin irritation are frequently the result of allergies and reactions to grass seeds and pollen. By removing the offending substance from your garden, you may well discover that your general health improves. Say goodbye to hay fever, snotty noses and puffy eyes.

Clean house

A well-installed artificial lawn translates into a much cleaner property. Yes, the lawn is outside, and we are talking about inside, but think about it… no mud, no surface water, no lawn clipping and dry grass getting trampled into the house. And because artificial lawn is unaffected by the seasonal changes in the weather, it is green and lush all year round. Which means no dry and dusty patches in the dry months and all the associated mess and cleaning inside that goes with that. So suddenly we are saying that not only are their benefits to be had with regard to outside chores, we are saying there are benefits with regards to inside as well. The other small domestic benefit is that with children playing outside, you will never have to deal with grass-stained clothing. A small win perhaps, but worth mentioning.


Peace of mind is always very important and as such you should know that if you work with a properly accredited artificial grass installer that you will have the safety of a long-term guarantee on the work. Usually as much as seven years. So, shop around and ensure you don’t just have a quick-fix solution but long-term peace of mind.




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